A cure for AIDS? Bring on the guards

Researchers are seemingly on the brink of a cure for aids, but they’ve been doing their research on mice. PETA and its allies focus on destroying these projects as exploitative of our furry friends, so I hope the scientists are well protected.


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8 responses to “A cure for AIDS? Bring on the guards

  1. pulled up in OG

    Stem cells reverse blindness caused by burns
    Procedure restored sight in 75 percent of patients, researchers reported


  2. Walt

    Dude Man –
    It is all point of view, right? And where you sit.
    It is like showing the dirt you sell. Some people love it, some hate it. Same dirt. Same real estate “professional” selling it. But two people, looking at the exact same swamp land – one sees it as swamp land, one sees it as paradise. And you added no value either way. Makes no sense, right? But it is true. And you know I am right.
    So here is my point of view. Peta thinks the dead mice only result in saving dirt salesman, like you. So they think mice are worth more. Which I can understand. Not agree with, but understand it.
    Because they are probably right from the narrow angle they see this. And they aren’t looking at the big picture. They ignore the fact those dead mice also save lawyers, investment bankers, and BP executives, who are far more valuable than real estate “professionals”.
    They just can’t see it. So instead of just bitching and moaning about this, show them the light. And help them out.
    Your Pal,

  3. Walt Noel's Italian in-law, Giuseppe Della Schiava

    One of the 1989 Miss Universe Judges in Italy was Walt’s future in-law Giuseppe Della-Schiava, father of Yanko Della-Schiava and husband of filly Lisina who still hide in Italy. Does Yanko have a new job yet. Or did he really ever have a job with Walt?

    What does fake Walt have to say about this youtube clip. Giuseppe looks a bit tight lipped. Now he must be just embarrassed. Oh, well.

    When he met Walt, he must have seen a real beauty.

  4. Walter and Monica Noel have another grand-daughter Sienna Sodi!

    Click to access 240035_ASP_Cornell_NL_WEB_634027760661755684.pdf

    The Noel clan has not stopped proliferating.

    According to a Cornell newsletter, Marco Sodi (the one who did not work for FGG but has left a high paying job at Veronis in London) has a 5th child thanks to filly Ariane-a girl named Sienna. The Spring 2010 note says Marco graduated from Cornell in 1980 and lives in the best part of London (27 Pembridge Crescent)-check out this nice location.

    I think the Madoff money will be burning for generations! No tears in this family.

    How will this years Christmas card go?

    We settled the claims,
    but we are all so lame,
    and we are just victims, so stop this blame.

  5. Walt

    Dude –
    This guy
    “Walter and Monica Noel have another grand-daughter Sienna Sodi!”
    has to be Hiram, Fake Walt, Priapus, the French Dude, and pretty much every one else but me and you.
    Which is fine. But only one of us can really write. And it isn’t you and the other fake 20 turds. So they want a poem for my Christmas Card? Well here you go:
    I got the cash
    So kiss my ass
    You write like shit
    So suck my T&*
    Merry Christmas!!
    See you in Mustique!!
    Your Pal,

  6. pulled up in OG

    That wasn’t my angle, Chris, since they weren’t using embryonic cells. There’s a “medical breakthrough” hyped most every day of the week.

    Nice to see one that actually was, for a change.