A second look at staging

I toured a house on the corner of Parsonage and Lake yesterday and finally saw what staging can do. It was beautifully decorated (they even stuck a jungle gym in the back yard) and the place looked clean and very inviting. I still find it a little off-putting to see pictures on walls and bureaus of people who never lived in the house, but whoever staged this job did a remarkable job. And, versus an empty house, I think this will show better.

But, at least in my opinion, its price is too high, which brings me back to my basic philosophy: better to have an un-staged property, priced right, than a beautifully staged one, priced wrong. Price trumps staging, every time.


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4 responses to “A second look at staging

  1. Cobra

    If it’s the same house I’m thinking about, the owners/sellers did a very nice and expensive job redesigning/reconfiguring the detached garage.

  2. Red

    Pretty house, but situated on a very busy corner.