Deer Park Spec house sells

2 Meadow Road, Deer Park

This house, fronting Lake Avenue, came on at $16.5 million but sold for $11.2 yesterday. Still not chump change, but …


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7 responses to “Deer Park Spec house sells

  1. anon

    I’m shocked, given the expiration of the $8,000 tax credit.

  2. Was it on the market a long time?

  3. I think it was on for a year or so, then was rented out for a year. Now it’s sold. And at a good price, in my opinion. The original asking price was laughable, even in a strong market, but it’s a great big house that would certainly appeal to any number of buyers. If it weren’t for its exposure to Lake Avenue noise, it might have fetched something close to its asking price.
    My personal taste for quietude would keep me from ever living on this lot, but there are some who want to show off their house, and this spot is perfect for that type.

  4. LOL @ “ome who want to show off their house.” I just posted on my blog about suffering the indignities of a beach neighbor building a monument to his wallet and ego. Some people just don’t get it.

  5. You can't handle the truth

    Don’t laugh..there are those who like to enjoy their homes for the peace and solitude homes give and on the other hand those who see these houses as manifestations of their “success”.

    Don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it..

    Look around – people do the same with cars. How many guys do you see around Greenwich going to Starbucks in their vintage wheels on the weekend? The motors are then parked in the garage until next weekend.

    Its all too funny……but maybe they’re right..they’re usually the most successful people in town?????

  6. duff

    Did it sell to tenants Chris?