Hey, baby, come’re and warm my globes

Al Gore assaults massage girl


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8 responses to “Hey, baby, come’re and warm my globes

  1. 27 Pembridge Crescent London


    If you are in London, give Walter Noel’s son-in-law Marco Sodi and daughter Ariane a warm hello. Stroll over to Kensington Palace and relax in Hyde Park. All that Madoff money is best kept secret abroad in London. Maybe they have an in-law suite for the forgetful Walt or dutiful mother Monica.

    Something tells me this Noel family is far from being in tough times. Or even sweating.

  2. Priapus

    All’s well that ends happy. He shoulda one virtual and avoided the embarrassment

  3. Anonymous

    Ah, we can only hope that this story is true (and provable).

  4. Last Liberal Standing

    Ah, I can only hope that Anon’s hope is not the norm among right wingers.

    To actually WANT this story to be true? Sick.

  5. fred

    Just because he invented the internet, dosent mean he deserves a happy ending.

  6. Last Liberal Standing

    Whenever a public figure–Dem, Repub, Libertarian, sports hero, whatever–is caught “in a moment of weakness” or a pattern of creepiness, I feel bad. Larry Craig makes a restroom overture to a vice cop, and I feel bad. John Edwards turns out to be a cad, and idiot, and an egomaniac, and I feel bad. Mark Sanford goes to Argentina for an affair, and I feel bad. Bill Clinton dallies with Monica, and lies about it, and I feel bad. Elliot Spitzer? Mark Foley? James McGreevy? Tiger Woods? Kobe Bryant? Lawrence Taylor? Damn, damn, damn. Awful, awful, awful.

    I’m sure others could compile a huge, depressing list.

    And now Al Gore. Damn, I feel bad. Who in his right mind would rejoice to learn that Al Gore had at least one night of truly disgraceful behavior? Why would you take delight in such a thing? Because he makes a big deal about global warming, and you think he’s a phony? Because you never liked his wife? Because he’s a Democrat? Because he’s fat? Even if all those are legitimate reasons for wishing he’d go away, they’re not good reasons for HOPING he’d turn out to be a monster.

    My reaction is that it’s disheartening, once again, to hear of yet another human being failing so miserably to live a decent life.

  7. Red

    A “masseuse” who does hotel room housecalls, working on the bed and not a massage table? Come on now. In my book, she’s a call girl.

  8. HG

    I disagree with FWIWers bemoaning the Gore story. It is extremely entertaining to imagine that Gore lived a near-perfect, upstanding life until the 2000 election, and then became unhinged by the unpunished behavior (Lewinsky) of his predecessor combined with being beaten by GWB. Electing someone who sowed his oats early in life (like GWB) is no guarantee against rank incompetence, but anyone who voted for Gore should think about how tightly he was wound circa 2000.