Mark down on digital point and shoot cameras

Amazon’s got ’em, but alas, who wants them? As digital phone cameras improve, particularly the new iPhone, it seems to me that the market will split between serious digital cameras and cellphone cameras. I can see carrying a real camera, but for quick shots, if my cell phone will suffice, then that’s what I’ll use. My current iPhone’s camera is not a real tool, although I use it for pictures on this blog, but the new model may change that. And if not, the next generation will. I see no future, however, for a stand-alone quickie camera.


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2 responses to “Mark down on digital point and shoot cameras

  1. Anonymous

    Mobile computing and videoconferencing have vast implications for daily commuting, telecommuting, less business air travel, bricks and mortar retailing, virtual tourism…in addition to good ole porn for the SEC and other $200K/yr government “workers”

    Just consider how iPad and Kindle have made public libraries and supersized bookstores the stuff of Luddites (and on-going taxpayer scams in case of public libraries)

  2. pulled up in OG

    See if you can borrow one of these from Island Surveyor. Just the thing for showin’ off some prime real estate.