Well this is funny – now it’s realtors who are the (secret?) realists

Compared to home sellers, anyway.

The real estate business seems to attract born optimists, or at least folks who can put on a good act in that regard.

So the latest HomeGain survey of market attitudes among real estate agents and homeowners is revealing.

A survey of 900 Realtors across the country found that 75 percent of the homeowners they are working with are haggling over their recommended listing prices, arguing their homes are worth more. Oh my, how things have changed.

But there is an even bigger divide when it comes to the direction of home prices over the next several months.

Nearly a third of 3,500 homeowners polled believe prices will go up in the next six months, compared to just 20 percent of agents and brokers, HomeGain reports.

By contrast, 33 percent of agents and brokers expect home prices to fall in the next six months, compared to just 23 percent of homeowners. The numbers, when broken down regionally, are even more telling, with 37 percent of real estate professionals in the Northeast betting on further price declines, significantly above the national average.

All this is interesting – and it’s quite a role reversal.

Still, I wonder how many agents are sharing this newfound realism about the market with their clients instead of putting on the old happy face?

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