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Oh Canada!

The Canucks spent a billion bucks on “security” for the G20 Summit, versus $25 million for the last one held in Pittsburg, and then stood idly by while  “anarchists” trashed the city. Hey – not my country, not my tax money, but I understand the average Canadian’s fury. And the fun’s just begun.

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Catching up

While under the weather last week I missed a number of emails – here’s one that makes me proud:


Remember when I wanted to make an offer for [XXX]  (asking price: 1.25, after several drops from 2.2), and you said it was not worth more than 1 million? You made the offer for 950K and the realtor from the seller rejected it explaining to you -in a very condescending way- all the reasons why the house was going to sell at its asking price, and soon.

At the time, I asked you to counter at 1.1 and you insisted we’d be losing money if we bought the house at 1.1, so you never did. (By the way, I always tell my friends this story because a realtor who convinces his clients not to buy a house because he sticks by his principles instead of just thinking of the commission in sight is something I’ve never heard of before).

Today I read on the paper that the house was sold at 975k this month, i.e. almost 1 year after our initial offer for 950k.

Needless to say, I’m glad you never submitted my 1.1 offer  – not only because we would have overpaid but also because patience paid off: we got to find a house we like much better.

I keep on thinking of the people who bought the house next door that was practically exact and paid 1.24 some months ago. I bet you their realtor told them at the time that they were making a great deal.


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They’re baaaack!!!

Avocado appliances are hip again. I suppose I could grow sideburns, dig out my purple bell bottoms and my Frye boots and do the 60’s one more time, but I’m afraid my poor fried brain isn’t up for any more acid.


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Picking a real estate agent?

Article here from Houston. I agree with him.

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Scusie’s celebrity sightings

Judge Judy was seen gumming her new dentures at Dr. Ernie Whittle’s emporium on Sound Beach Avenue, while her husband, Judge Jerry Sheindlin, was being fitted for a colostomy bag at CVS.

Cody Gifford, son of Frank and Kathie Lee, was whupped by Frank at Valbella’s for sins unknown.

Regis and Joy Philbin tried to dine at Riverside’s McDonalds but were escorted out by the Greenwich Police – no word why, but Regis was tasered in the parking lot. Details to follow.

A local gossip reporter was pepper sprayed and tasered this evening after being caught coupling with a Dave Matthews Band roadie above the high water mark at Belle Haven. Ordered to cease and desist, she was heard to protest, “it hasn’t been ten minutes! I haven’t had ten minutes!”


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Any iPad users out there?

I’m thinking of buying an iPad for my Mom’s birthday (shhh! Don’t tell her) but I just read in this article that the darn thing doesn’t have a USB port! Really? How lame is that? Any of you out there using an iPad yet? If so, what do you think?


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Psst! Got a minute?

Or maybe ten. Survey says ten minutes is just right for sex, more than thirteen “tiresome”. Of course, there’s always TV.


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