Any iPad users out there?

I’m thinking of buying an iPad for my Mom’s birthday (shhh! Don’t tell her) but I just read in this article that the darn thing doesn’t have a USB port! Really? How lame is that? Any of you out there using an iPad yet? If so, what do you think?


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  1. Hey, that’s my idea!! and a good one… I may just have to contribute to that project.. One of my friends has one and loves it, without the usb. If you want to print something, send it to your other computer via gmail and then you can print. Also, there is free multi tasking software coming out for the ipad this summer, so be sure to get it …one of the main drawbacks is the inability of the first edition to do that.

  2. USB ports are so last-century!

  3. Cobra

    When I was laid up a couple of weeks ago, my wife and youngest son decided I needed an iPad to keep in touch. No USP hasn’t been a problem thus far, as anything I wish to print or archive on my “main” MacBook I just email.

    The basic version ($499) is all I need, but you may want the Wi-Fi+ 3G as you have an iPhone, which is very similar to the iPad in platform, I think.

  4. Not an issue, as I type from my iPad, it syncs with the same types of cord that your iPod syncs with to a USB, and can sync via wifi with some programs. Aps are great reading books and .PDFs are awesome, although not in the direct sun. Battery life is at least 10 hours, and the media is awesome, movies, books, music etc…

  5. There are other things to consider about the iPad besides the USB. The bluetooth is lame. It does not sync with other bluetooth devices. However, when you lay down your iPad and then pick up your iPhone, you will want to pick up your iPad again because it is stunning to look at.

  6. Mr. Independent

    If your mom already has a computer, the iPad is a great 2nd device for consuming all manner of electronic content, but is only designed for light content creation, such as e-mail, and word processing.

    If it will be her only computer, it depends how she will use it. It is great for Internet, reading online newspapers, reading e-books, watching movies and tv shows, and generally consuming content. (A lot of newspapers and magazines are creating special iPad versions that are very cool.) The iPad runs all of the iPhone Apps. It is also good for light content creation (e-mail, and light word processing,) However, it is simply not a replacement for a full-blown Mac or Windows computer, because it does lack the standard input/output devices like USB ports, camera, large capacity hard drive, etc.

    It is definitely worth a trip to the Apple store for a demo, which they will gladly give you. If you go in the middle of a weekday, the store is not crowded.

    I always buy my Apple stuff from Greenwich Computer off of Mason Street. They are a great local business that has been around well over a decade. But you will likely get a better demo at the Apple Store, as they are set up for that.

    Here is the URL for David Pogue’s complete iPad review in the NY Times.

  7. SPQR

    I’m usually a late adopter to most things and still do not have an iphone. I didn’t believe the hype when the ipad was released, but saw it in action last week and became number 3,000,001 of the people who bought it since its release date. This machine is UNBELIEVABLE, and this is from a technophobic guy. BUY IT, BUY IT, BUY IT!!!
    BTW, I’ve been trying to log on to housing data for sales info, always getting Page is temp. unavailable. Still working, or abandoned?

    • Thanks for the info, SPQR – I may have to but 2, one for Ma, one for me! As for the Raveis site, maybe my link is no longer good. I’m sure the site itself is still healthy, so I’ll check.

  8. Priapus

    I got it first day order for “research”. It’s terrific, and all Priapai commentary recently has been via iPad. Interesting usage patterns you develop. The last thing I check out before bed while in bed is the world markets and Chris Fountain. When I awaken, first look is world markets and Chris Fountain.

    In truth, the keyboard is quite temperamental, and back to Cro Magnon thumb typing. Make a wrong touch and you are off into endless Fed Ex adverts. But, you will sit with it in unusual places, at the TV, to avoid talking to Mrs. primps, etc. The 3G version will get you fighting over who drives to NYC and who rides iShotgun.

    It’s heavier that you’d expect, but also cooler than anyone can write about. But, when movies, TV, etc are available, fuhghetabotit, you’ll come up with new uses and apps that you can’t dream of now.

    And buy windex, the screen gets messy. Otherwise, nothing to discuss, game changer.

  9. xyzzy

    I hate to say this because I’ll never get to use it again, but the Perrot Library in Old Greenwich have Ipad for use. Someone was nice enough to donate one or two to the library and you can go in a use them. I even got to take them home for the long weekend.

    As far as the Raveis site goes, I was having the same problem using Firefox, but I was able to get the data using IE. Not sure if that is SPQR problem

  10. Chad

    Camera kit brings USB to the iPad and jail breaking brings external hard drive to the iPad. Get it I love mine.

  11. Dennis

    It’s great for reading email and sitting on the couch reading the news but don’t expect it to replace a laptop or a net book.

    Remember that it doesn’t do flash which means most interactive web sites will not work. So your limited to older style websites or you will have to wait a few years till web sites switch over to the next generation of HTML.

    Typing is a bit slow unless you have an apple keyboard.

  12. Not supporting Flash is a deal breaker for me. It’s also a really stupid feud for Apple to be engaging in with Adobe. There’s no upside in it for Apple, other than appeasing Steve Job’s enormous ego.

  13. Start here: what is it you think you need usb for specifically?

  14. Brian

    It has the same 30 pin dock connector as the iPhone. Syncs in the exact same manner with iTunes.

  15. Anonymous

    You’d better get one for yourself if you want to play with one because you’ll never be able to get your mother’s away from her!

    If you want a case for it, a lot of people think that the Apple case is cheesy and hard to keep clean. I’ve been very happy with this one. It’s much nicer than the Apple at about the same price. (I also like the way it smells.)

  16. and for $10 you can get it a little cover that opens like a book…( as a book opens…lol…)

  17. anonymous

    What are you waiting for? This is a must have novelty item. Two weeks ago I purchased three, one for me and one each for my two young adult kids. Of course, the 64GB Wi-Fi + 3G.

    I had to go into the house to my home computer to write this, as the iPad sucks in daylight where I was trying to use it at poolside.

    The cool use for me is in transtion from my Manhattan office to backcountry home. Now I can web surf during the comute with my trusty BB available for reliable phone calls and email – not an acceptable capabilty of the iPhone.

    I had my computer geek add a bunch of apps. I recommend the $2.99/month GPS app that is at least equal to any OEM device. With the GPS app, I can monitor my driver’s speed, altitude and direction from the back seat. He is amazed.

    The voice command feature is also cool. The first time I tried it in the car, I said: “Naked women” and the screen was filled with pulchritudinous images. I passed the iPad to the front seat and he almost drove off the Hutch!

  18. Anonymous

    anonymous@5:52 pm:

    Passing an iPad with a screen full of “naked women” to your driver on the Hutch?


    (You sound like a total asshole.)

  19. Keyser Soze

    Buy 2. Will replace other computers for almost all uses except heavy number crunching and long presentations or document composition. Get the regular bluetooth keyboard (for all Macs) which works flawlessly, not the dedicated iPad keyboard doc (clunky and only allow portrait orientation). You can run a Fortune 500 company with one. Apps: Bloomberg, WSJ, Drudge, Goodreader (to download, view, store and email all documents), Numbers, Pages, Keynote (Apple versions of Excel, Word and PowerPoint), TopoMaps, TideGraph HD, Charts & Tides (real nav. charts, the 3G version has real-time GPS), Star Walk, Accuweather, Kayak (for flights), Google Earth, Open Table, Urban Spoon, Flixster, B&N eReader & Amazon Kindle (so you can buy books from other stores) and many, many more.