Are you deaf?

I am aware of a distressed property that is an incredible house on 4+ acres that is afflicted with Merritt Parkway noise. At $5 million, it would be back at its 2000 selling price, and that’s not counting the $1 million or so sunk into renovations. I suspect it could be had for somewhere in the $4s, or even lower. My few high end buyers aren’t interested, my lower end clients can’t afford it, but I know, because I’m selling a similar, albeit lower-price home to one of them, that some people will trade traffic noise for a bargain house. If that’s you, give me a call. There’s a great deal to be had here.

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  1. anony

    what was it going for in 1981? soon enough we’ll all stop suspending disbelief that the economy can live on fiscal steroids and we’ll get back to “normal.”