Psst! Got a minute?

Or maybe ten. Survey says ten minutes is just right for sex, more than thirteen “tiresome”. Of course, there’s always TV.


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3 responses to “Psst! Got a minute?

  1. Survey says…hey, that’s the answer!

  2. Chris, Philip Toub Brother's, Troubles

    One of Walter Noel’s son-in-laws Philip Toub(married to Alix Noel) has a brother who had problems in the financial world.

    The brother Chris Toub ran Alliance Capital Management and had a similar trouble in his financial past to Walter Noel.

    Once Chris got in trouble in 2003 with the SEC and he sold out in 2004.

    Luckily, Chris Toub still has a place to work with the newly merged company in 2004.

    Toubs spend the summers in Southampton like Noel.

  3. pulled up in OG

    Still tryin’ to figger out how you get laid in separate bathtubs.