Scusie’s celebrity sightings

Judge Judy was seen gumming her new dentures at Dr. Ernie Whittle’s emporium on Sound Beach Avenue, while her husband, Judge Jerry Sheindlin, was being fitted for a colostomy bag at CVS.

Cody Gifford, son of Frank and Kathie Lee, was whupped by Frank at Valbella’s for sins unknown.

Regis and Joy Philbin tried to dine at Riverside’s McDonalds but were escorted out by the Greenwich Police – no word why, but Regis was tasered in the parking lot. Details to follow.

A local gossip reporter was pepper sprayed and tasered this evening after being caught coupling with a Dave Matthews Band roadie above the high water mark at Belle Haven. Ordered to cease and desist, she was heard to protest, “it hasn’t been ten minutes! I haven’t had ten minutes!”


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4 responses to “Scusie’s celebrity sightings

  1. kidding really?

    Dave Matthews – great show – just got back. Excellent job by Belle Haven and all the others involved. Props to Greenwich Police too. No problems, not too loud and really good time.

    • Were you a $3,000 per ticketer or a boat person? If you were a ticket holder, God bless you – it seems like a worthy cause and when times are good, I try to give back 10% of my good fortune. Right now, I’m a boat people, but the tide rises, falls, and rises again.

  2. Wally

    I was both inside the tent and out on the dock with a bunch of boat friends. Honestly, it was about 120 degrees in the tent, and gorgeous out on the dock! I think the boaters got the better deal – and not just the price! (although I’m glad that a bunch of money was raised for the cause…)

    ps I think you perfectly captured the sensibilities of the gossip columnist in the fictional news flash that you described!

  3. Anonymous

    I was a boater. Anchored at 6.30pm in a great spot and got to catch a great show, both on land and on water. Aqua-palooza!!!! GPD and USCG did a great job keeping boaters safe.

    a memorable evening that will be hard to match again.