They’re baaaack!!!

Avocado appliances are hip again. I suppose I could grow sideburns, dig out my purple bell bottoms and my Frye boots and do the 60’s one more time, but I’m afraid my poor fried brain isn’t up for any more acid.


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7 responses to “They’re baaaack!!!

  1. Peg

    All we had to do was wait 40 years or so πŸ™‚

    Is Harvest Gold just around the corner?

  2. horse jock

    Neither is mine, man.

  3. Old Coot

    Anything except the “coppertone” from my parents home…the horrid baby-poo brown with the darker trim around the edges. Yeesh!

  4. Jane

    Oh, yes that ugly brown. That was the color we had. What did they call it?

  5. fred2

    Dear God, why won’t the fashion errors of the 70 just DIE already?

    I’ve yet to see one which succeeded in it’s revival, so who keeps bringing this drivel back?