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Wow – Argentina 3, Mexico 0

Will Argentina win the whole thing? Maybe. One of Katie’s (many) boyfriends, Fernando (? ) is Argentinian, and captained the GHS soccer team when he was here. (I think Kate captained the ski team that same year but I don’t want to pull a Blumenthal here – I do know she was on the ski team). In any event, boyfriend from Argentina is bound to be feeling glad.

UPDATE: final score, 3-1. On to fight the Germans. UPDATE II: Katie was captain. I blame her mother – she didn’t get her athletic skills from me.

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Robert Byrd in serious condition

I don’t wish ill for any American politician, even ex- Klansman Senator Byrd. But at 92, his incapacity or death would put another senate seat in play. Interesting.


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Possum – it’s the other white meat.

From Pete comes this suggestion:

Try the Pork Store, 359 Willet Ave. in Port Chester. Hot dogs links with the skin on . Buy 1, 8, 16 or as many as you want. Sold by the pound. Delicious.

I will check it out and report back.


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It’s Gay Pride Day in New York

While some of the more exuberant marchers make me cringe, I  am delighted to live in a country that has become more tolerant in the past forty years. I’ve never understood the threat to civilization gays were perceived to present – so have a nice day, boys and girls, and enjoy yourselves.


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BP’s Hayward and General McCrystal must have joined Verizon’s PR department

Verizon imposes $350 cancellation fee on Marine’s widow after he’s killed in Afghanistan

In fairness, the company did back down, but only after the young widow went to the press. Corporations should be more responsive than this. (Courtesy of Walt, who knows a thing or two about PR, or is learning them).

Michaela Brummund is a young widow going through the most difficult time in her life, burying her husband Lance Corporal Gavin Brummund, a marine killed in action.

Michaela and her family say a cell phone company is making this time even more difficult.

“The remote detonated IED, one of those went off, and he took full force,” explained Michaela surrounded by pictures of her husband and flowers, still fresh, from his recent funeral. “He died on the chopper on the way to the field hospital.”

Michaela has decided to move back to Copperopolis in Calaveras County to be closer to family.  But her Verizon cell phone does not have service in the small town.  But the cell phone company is not showing any compassion for the war time widow.

“I called them to cancel.  I told them the situation with my husband.  I even said I would provide a death certificate,” Michaela said.  Despite the circumstances, Verizon is imposing a $350 early termination fee.

Michaela’s father, a veteran himself, is outraged.  “It’s not about the money. I don’t care about the money.  It’s the principle.  The man was overseas fighting for our country and lost his life doing so,” said Kevin Gause. “It’s heartless what Verizon is doing.”

CBS13 contacted the Verizon Public Relations Department for the family, and the company responded saying, ” Verizon Wireless has long supported our troops and worked with members of the armed services with flexibility. Once we understood this Marine’s widow’s circumstances, we quickly resolved the situation. We regret any undue frustration we may have caused the Brummunds. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mrs. Brummund and her family.”


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Hats off to the GPD and Belle Haven

Lots of comments on the Dave Matthews concert last night. Sounds like everyone had a great time, lots of money was raised for a good cause, and no troubles. Here’s one reader:

I was a boater. Anchored at 6.30pm in a great spot and got to catch a great show, both on land and on water. Aqua-palooza!!!! GPD and USCG did a great job keeping boaters safe.

A memorable evening that will be hard to match again.


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The revolution is coming

EU bans selling eggs by the dozen. I await a similar rebellion here when incandescent light bulbs disappear next year.


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It might well be a letter from Greenwich, these days

As InstaPundit puts it, Boo hoo. Hitler begs for loan from Mercedes dealer. Just until he gets his first royalty check for Mein Kampf.


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