BP’s Hayward and General McCrystal must have joined Verizon’s PR department

Verizon imposes $350 cancellation fee on Marine’s widow after he’s killed in Afghanistan

In fairness, the company did back down, but only after the young widow went to the press. Corporations should be more responsive than this. (Courtesy of Walt, who knows a thing or two about PR, or is learning them).

Michaela Brummund is a young widow going through the most difficult time in her life, burying her husband Lance Corporal Gavin Brummund, a marine killed in action.

Michaela and her family say a cell phone company is making this time even more difficult.

“The remote detonated IED, one of those went off, and he took full force,” explained Michaela surrounded by pictures of her husband and flowers, still fresh, from his recent funeral. “He died on the chopper on the way to the field hospital.”

Michaela has decided to move back to Copperopolis in Calaveras County to be closer to family.  But her Verizon cell phone does not have service in the small town.  But the cell phone company is not showing any compassion for the war time widow.

“I called them to cancel.  I told them the situation with my husband.  I even said I would provide a death certificate,” Michaela said.  Despite the circumstances, Verizon is imposing a $350 early termination fee.

Michaela’s father, a veteran himself, is outraged.  “It’s not about the money. I don’t care about the money.  It’s the principle.  The man was overseas fighting for our country and lost his life doing so,” said Kevin Gause. “It’s heartless what Verizon is doing.”

CBS13 contacted the Verizon Public Relations Department for the family, and the company responded saying, ” Verizon Wireless has long supported our troops and worked with members of the armed services with flexibility. Once we understood this Marine’s widow’s circumstances, we quickly resolved the situation. We regret any undue frustration we may have caused the Brummunds. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mrs. Brummund and her family.”


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13 responses to “BP’s Hayward and General McCrystal must have joined Verizon’s PR department

  1. Retired IB'er

    For arguments sake, and despite the risk I run of being chastised, I would point out that the woman wasn’t trying to cancel her husband’s account but her own contract because she wanted to move back to her family (more than understandably).

    Looking beyond the PR issues for Verizon, should she be able to abrogate all contracts based upon her husband’s death? What about a long-term apartment lease? Or the fifty dance lessons she signed up for and now can’t utilize? Or the contract to buy a house she was planning on moving into prior to her husband’s death?

    Certainly, we as a society can decide to modify contract law so that death of a military spouse is grounds for contract nullification, but at this point that is not the case.

  2. Peg

    Ridiculous for the original decision. That being said, it seems impossible for large corporations to avoid having a few morons like this one at Verizon.

    I’ve had my own experiences with these idiots. I find that if I call back and get someone with an IQ over 53, then I can generally get decent service.

    As an aside, I’ve been a Verizon customer for many years. Almost always, I do receive good service and a “what can we do to make you happy?” attitude.

  3. Walt

    There is a soldier and sailor’s act, and it does cover it. Retired IB’r believes on standing on the letter of the law rather than using common sense, and knowing right from wrong. Unfortunately, like many people do.
    Law’s are necessary, and need to be abided. But none of it works without common sense. And a sense of right and wrong. Try it. You might like it.

  4. out looking in

    Fraud is running rampant in the US- and fully advertised at that!!! People who can, but won’t, pay their mortage debts…how often do you think unethical citizens use this ploy to avoid extra charges? Corporate America is caught between a rock and a hard place (of course, much of this is built into pricing), yet we all end up paying a higher price. Not sure I have a succinct point- more just a feast for thought….

  5. Retired IB'er

    Hey Walt,

    First of all I never stated my position on the issue. I just asked a series of questions. Second, unless I am mistaken (which may be the case) the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act covers the enlisted personnel and not spouses.

  6. Walt

    Retired IB’er –
    I respectfully disagree. You stated an opinion. Which I don’t agree with. And the out you pick on the Soldier’s and Salior’s act merely re- affirms my point. It was her contract, not his? You ignorant slut.
    The dude died protecting your ass. And mine. His wife moved. She gets no cell service on a contract he signed. So we should screw her over? Because a piece of paper said that? Get a life. You don’t deserve what he did for you. You P.O.S.
    But you know what? You are right. Letter of the law is more important than right or wrong. And common sense.
    So send me the bill, and I will pay it. Thanks, Adolph. If you don’t see this, I really pity you. I really do.
    Dude Man – brunch tomorrrow? I could use a Bloody.

    Your Pal,

  7. You can't handle the truth

    I have no sympathy for wireless companies.

    In the rest of the world, companies only charge for minutes for calls MADE. In the US we get charged for incoming and outgoing calls – so much for Congress etc protecting our interests.

    My bberry costs me as much as it would to lease a small Japanese car…$200 per month ………… rippoff.

  8. Walt

    Retired IB’er (douche bag to you)
    Can I say that Chris?
    And going forward, I will debate only Chris. I really don’t know why, because I find him pathetic. But I like him. He is stupid and harmless. Unlike you IB’er, who thinks their opinion matters.

    Chris gets it in his own off centered way. He has his moments, and while he is a loser, his heart is in the right way. Which is all that really count’s.
    And my dog just cut a green fart. So deal with that. I have to. And IB’er – if you think you are right, I feel sorry for you. But I will buy you a beer, and hope you see the light.
    Your Pal,

  9. Retired IB'er

    Hey Walt,

    You are an ASS! And that by the way is not an opinion BUT a statement of fact.

    Have a nice day.

    Not your pal and never have been,
    Retired IB’er

  10. Walt

    Dude Man –
    Sorry for acting like a child. You are right. I mean no harm to IB’er. He should look on the bright side. At least he isn’t Hiram. At least I don’t think so.
    But what I find sad about him is he thinks he is right. All the time. Even when he is clearly wrong. And he just can’t see it. Oh well.
    Want to go tool around on the avenue and check out the hotties? Even we can’t screw that up.
    Your Pal,