It’s Gay Pride Day in New York

While some of the more exuberant marchers make me cringe, I  am delighted to live in a country that has become more tolerant in the past forty years. I’ve never understood the threat to civilization gays were perceived to present – so have a nice day, boys and girls, and enjoy yourselves.


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10 responses to “It’s Gay Pride Day in New York

  1. ajnock

    My sentiments, exacty. Live and let live as long as you do not infringe on my rights.

  2. out looking in

    You forgot to post a sausage pic for your gal Teri!

  3. Last Liberal Standing

    Saps! My gay pals and I (we’re all gay deep down, of course!) are continually plotting to take over the country, one step at a time, and then FORCE everyone to become or at least behave gay. Teehee.

  4. AGREED!

    I completely agree! It’s time this country becomes more accepting!

  5. m

    I’m holding out for “Jumbo Shrimp Day” and “Postal Service Day” : o )

  6. horse jock

    Lovely to live in a town where there are few if any out gay members of private clubs.

    • Well Horse Jock, I don’t belong to a private club, so I can’t speak on that issue, but I’d bet that the Old Greenwich “Yacht” Club and the Mianus Boat Club (?) would have no problems with gays. The Round Hill Club? Probably not, but what do I know?

  7. horse jock

    Speaking of RHC, I remember a story years ago about two members each married to a wealthy woman. They were caught together which was really an open secret anyway. One wife kicked the guy out and he killed himself that weekend on the property now owned by Martha Stewart. The other stayed with the wife, but they moved out of town. Gay men in this world are like single women; the wives are worried they’ll go after their husbands. LOL

  8. So Greenwich

    A few out gay members would do each of the stuffy clubs well. This is one of the most fun parades in NYC. It is a great celebration.