Possum – it’s the other white meat.

From Pete comes this suggestion:

Try the Pork Store, 359 Willet Ave. in Port Chester. Hot dogs links with the skin on . Buy 1, 8, 16 or as many as you want. Sold by the pound. Delicious.

I will check it out and report back.


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8 responses to “Possum – it’s the other white meat.

  1. Demmerkrat Patriot

    Try the kielbasa and sausage, too. Grilled with a garnish and good mustard …..

  2. Pete

    I think they have six or more different kielbasas plus weiswurst, bratwurst, knackwurst, bacon by the slice, various cold cuts, polish pastries, etc. To help you find it, its a block past the former Fritz & Toms, same side. And you don’t have to speak Polish.

  3. Pete

    Forgot to mentioned, the Pork Store is closed Mondays.

  4. Greenwich Gal

    But do they have nitrates? Very bad for you!

  5. Anonymous

    Polish? No, I think they’re German.

    I once asked about their “wieners.” “We have frankfurters,” replied the clerk, gently correcting me.

  6. Pete

    The store has been there for many years with different owners. It was under German ownership for a while, Werner’s Pork Store. But I think the current owner is Polish.

  7. ajnock

    Greenwich needs a good hot dog place like Super Duper Weenie in Fairfield, Swanky Frank’s in Norwalk, and Walter’s in Mamaroneck. I may have to move.