Cool! SMERSH is back!

FBI rounds up Russian spy network. I love this quote:

Neighbors in Montclair, N.J., of the couple who called themselves Richard and Cynthia Murphy were flabbergasted when a team of F.B.I. agents turned up Sunday night and led the couple away in handcuffs. One person who lives nearby called them “suburbia personified.” Others worried about the Murphys’ elementary-age daughters, who were driven away by a family friend.

Jessie Gugig, 15, said she could not believe the charges, especially against Mrs. Murphy, who was an accomplished gardener.

“They couldn’t have been spies,” Ms. Gugig said. “Look what she did with the hydrangeas.”

Hey – she’s 15,  so of course I give her a break. But it’s still funny. To he honest, it’s also a comment I can easily imagine myself making – I mean, who suspects Mrs. Murphy, the gardener next door, of being a Ruskie spy? But now that I think of it, how well do I really know Janet Bein, my own neighbor? Sure she seems like a wonderful wife and mother but …?  ; )

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  1. Walter Noel gave 32K to Alzheimer research in 2006

    Great, his foundation stopped GIVING in 2007. Wonder why. At least the field of medicine Walt will need some day got a little of the Madoff dough.

    Did Walt forget where the money went?