Downtown condos

Brother Gideon points out the most recent sale of one of builder ALBERT  Orlando’s condos, this one at 108 E. Elm Street, for $4.7 million in just 67 days and suggests that the man has a genius for building what people want in a downtown condo. And indeed he does. All three of his projects have sold out, quickly, in good markets and bad, and at exceptional prices.

No one else to my knowledge has been able to duplicate his success, which is fascinating. You’d think a competing builder could tour an Orlando project and just build the same thing but somehow, this guy has the magic and others don’t.


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8 responses to “Downtown condos

  1. not so anonymous

    I so want to see pictures. Is it something visible? Structural? Design? Amenities? Fung Shuei? ( Sp ) What?

    • Darned if I know – they’re beautifully crafted, but so are a number of condos downtown that remain unsold. I’ll try to get into one (it’s been awhile since I’ve been seen one) and see If I can discern what sets them apart – maybe the layout? I just don’t know, but they obviously click with buyers. These are beautiful homes but again, Orlando is doing something magical that his competitors can’t duplicate. As my Katie used to say as a three-year-old, “instressing”.

  2. Jane

    What is the builder’s first name?

  3. I emailed his wife (and broker/agent) Dianne to ask just that – I can’t remember, but will add it if Dianne supplies it. I meant no disrespect – I just don’t remember.

  4. Founding Father


  5. Lisa

    This condo is absolutely fabulous. It is a gorgeous stone and shingle Costwold-type cottage in the heart of downtown. For the right person, it is perfect.