I guess this was inevitable

McChrystal to resign from Army. He did nothing wrong and served our country well – what a shame.


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19 responses to “I guess this was inevitable

  1. Anonymous

    Nothing wrong but allow his subordinates to disrespect their commander-in-chief in a public forum. Not just a bad idea, but illegal under Article 88 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, Chris.

  2. Anonymous

    F’em? F what? The UCMJ? Gotta love you guys who care so much about the rule of law except when, y’know, you don’t.

    • Oh hell, they were venting about the diplomats. Warriors and State Department types are nver going to get along. I appreciate our country’s tradition of civilian control of the military, but I’m not shocked that the people doing the fighting don’t think much of the desk-riders.

  3. Anon1

    He’ll write a best selling book, start his own security firm and make a fortune. Don’t shed any tears for him.

  4. Greenwich Gal

    Yes, CF – but to allow a reporter from ROLLING STONE – really, ROLLING STONE! – to hang out with you indefinitely is just beyond stupid.
    Also – McChrystal was one of the top brass who covered up the truth about Pat Tillman, so he gets no respect from me.

  5. Fly Girl

    While I am very sad that a superb career officer is forced to retire after a bout of naiveté, I do look hope he becomes TV news consultant and author. I am sure some smart publisher offered him good $ to make retirement a bit more palatable.

  6. Cos Cobber

    Sorry to see it happen, but McCrystal had to go. You dont vent in public.

    Its too bad, he seemed like a fine general sans the cardinal sin.

  7. Anonymous

    numerous articles about mcchrystal point out his rules of engagement that were better designed for a boy scout jamboree than for a war against islamic radicals. now that i read that he’s a liberal, it makes more sense.

  8. John

    Yesterday’s front page story in the WSJ concerning the shipment of pallets full of currency totaling some 3 Billion dollars over the last three years out of Kabul airport got very little notice. Assuming that US Armed forces are running this airport I see this oversight as similar to General Eisenhower overlooking or ignoring a Waffen-SS team shipping currency off the beaches at Normandy in June of 1945. A million here, a million there, the General can’t be everywhere at once, but three Billion? C’mon.

  9. Anonymous

    Just imagine if you will, what the media/left’s position would have been had this happened on Bush’s watch.

    Do you think the response would have been different? Yes/No/Maybe?

  10. horse jock

    Like him or NOT, Obama is still the Commander in Chief. He has done enough disrespecting of the Office of the President himself that he doesn’t need anyone else to do if for him. Maybe McChrystal will run for President.

  11. Mr. 85 Broad St.

    GG is right – he should have been cashiered for his involvement in the Pat Tillman conspiracy as should have everyone else in that chain of command. Not terribly surprising that his poor judgment continued after he got away with that one.

  12. Fly Girl

    David Brooks wrote a fabulous NYT op-ed piece this past Sunday called “The Culture of Exposure”. While McCrystal’s choice to vent was wrong, Brooks’article explains how it went from kvetching to being forced to resign.


  13. Anonymous

    Chris, it went beyond just bitching about some diplomats, as you recall the incident. McChrystal himself uttered contemptuous words about the Vice President of the United States, and he did it on the record to a reporter in an American publication. That’s a clear violation of the law.

    Now, I happen to think he was a great general. And Anonymous above who waxes indignant about his rules of engagement probably never served a day in uniform, while McChrystal was an expert on counterinsurgency warfare. His rules of engagement aren’t born of some sissy-liberal notion that killing kids is bad (although, really, do conservatives really want to abandon that kind of moral high ground to the libs?), but rather out of a cold cost-calculation that American victory in Afghanistan depends in large part on the willingness of the civilian population to accept our presence and begin helping our soldiers — something that can only happen when they don’t believe that our soldiers are going to hurt their families.

    Anyway, as Thomas Friedman wrote, McChrystal was probably a great general, and it’s a shame that he has to exit in this fashion. But no general is indispensable.

  14. Priapus

    Doesn’t anyone care that Rolling Stone took down a US General? Nice country. Bin Laden, Putin, Chavez etc. are correct, we are idiots. Too bad the NY Times or Rolling Stones didn’t know about D-Day, cause the French would be making your BMW and Mercedes in Provence now. Idiots.

    Interesting that the respondents here care about rule of law under Bush but not Odumba.

  15. Priapus

    How many of you would pass on hiring Mc Chrystal?

  16. Some pundit posits that McChrystal did it on purpose to address the American
    people and let them know what is going on…. in terms of incompetance at the top…I have no idea if that is so, but it almost seems more likely than not knowing what kvetching to a Rolling Stone reporter would bring about..

  17. Cos Cobber

    Priapus, has McChrystal denied any part of the Rolling Stone story? What idiot gives Rolling Stone the extensive access they had?

    While the liberal media elites are certainly fully capable and willing to take down and/or disrupt own on military machine at any opportunity (ie citizens of the world bullsh#t), McChrystal’s take down appears to be self inflicted to me.