Just what we need – another war!

Talk is that we’re gearing up to take on Iran. US and Israeli ships transited the Suez las week, we know there are Israeli subs stationed off Iran, Saudi Arabia has cleared its airspace for Israeli overflights and now Stratfor is placing a good portion of our fleet within striking distance of that country. I’m not inclined to think this a good idea. Where’s Robert Byrd when we need him?


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2 responses to “Just what we need – another war!

  1. Anonymous

    when there’s a bully in the neighborhood, best to smack him before his mail-order street sweeper arrives, no?

    • I suppose so, Anon, but with Afghanistan going so badly, I’m wary of opening another front. Geeze, I don’t know – I’m just glad I’m not President. This stuff is above my pay-grade.