Poor little kid

A six-year-old girl was attacked by a coyote in Rye over the weekend. Coyotes don’t wander all that far so I wouldn’t think Greenwich residents are in danger from this particular beast, but as a parent, my heart goes out to the child. It’s neat that we’re seeing all sorts of creatures come back to the east, but coyotes don’t seem to be much of an improvement.


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8 responses to “Poor little kid

  1. Anonymous

    There is a very large (German Shepherd sized) coyote who has been seen on Hendrie Lane and Hendrie Avenue in the wee hours trotting across to EJHS. …….in the last week. He (or another one) has attacked and killed a dog in Harbor Point in the last month.

  2. Jane

    There is also a big one down on Indian Head that is lurking recently.

  3. pulled up in OG

    What the hell is a six-year-old doin’ out at 9:15 pm?

  4. Riverside Dog Walker

    There are also foxes around, which might get confused with coyotes. I’ve recently seen a fox a couple of times on Indian Head Rd and I’m told there is a fox den on the vacant lot on Club Road.

    Foxes are reddish, to me look more cat like, and are the size of a small dog. The only coyote I’ve seen up close looked a lot like the Wily Coyote cartoon character, and would have been hard to mistake.

    • Hard to miskate a fox for a coyotee, Riverside – foxes are much smaller – almost cat sized. And yes, there’s a family of them on Club Road. Cute – they hunt mice, not small children, so no danger.

  5. towny

    Coyote is a misnomer.
    These animals are coyowolves. They are approx twice the size of their relatives out west as they weigh in around 30-50 lbs full grown.
    And they are all over the place.

  6. anonymous

    I know someone on Weston Hill Road who has a coyote in her driveway almost every day as it makes it’s way down to the water nearby. This creature has never displayed any aggressiveness.