Positive review of the new iPhone from BusinessInsider

Geeze, I’ve got to get busy selling houses if I’m to get an iPad for Ma, one for myself and now a new iPhone. IPhone users – any point in paying for the extra memory? I seem to get along fine with the dim little brain I have in my current iPhone, but maybe there’s a reason to pay for more. Is there?


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4 responses to “Positive review of the new iPhone from BusinessInsider

  1. Dan

    Just upgrade your current iPhone to the new operating system and you’re cool. Only nice new thing is the video calling – but that requires WiFi and a friend with the same phone… search WSJ for the recent review by mossberg.
    Just upgrade and you’ll be fine with the current phone.

  2. Well there’s also the HD video shooting feature which would justify buying the extra memory model

  3. Xpat

    Leaner, sexier, much more battery life, much better screen and camera. Get it!