Courtesy of NetFlix, we’ve been watching Shogun, that great mini-series from 1980. Wonderful stuff – I’d forgotten how the filmmaker just let the scenes run in Japanese – back in 1980, when Pal Nancy and I watched it, we became so immersed in the language that we came to understand it, sort of. What a shame the networks can no longer afford to do these projects today. But how lucky that they survive via NetFlix. Next up, Winds of War.


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12 responses to “Shogun

  1. john


    You will be pleased to know Herman Wouk is still with us and writing up a storm, here’s his latest;

    Highly recommended,



  2. ajnock

    Don’t forget Noble House, if they have it.

  3. Mike

    One of my very favorite movies. It may be hard to believe, but the book is even better than the movie. I highly recommend it also.

    • Mike, I picked up the book at Kennedy in 1976 when I was flying to Greece and i chose it solely because of the length of the flight and the thickness of the book. What a read! I was doing some post-grad education that summer, and was excited to be back in Athens, but I stayed in my dorm room when I arrived so I could finish what I hadn’t completed on the flight. A truly wonderful book.

  4. Anonymous

    I don’t recall any TV series, mini or otherwise, (including “Lost”) which generated as sudden and intense a buzz as “Roots” did at the time (1977).

    Remember Chicken George?

  5. Anonymous

    The book portrayed the Americans as a bunch of smelly, dirty gaijin in perpetual need of a bath.

    I’ll bet that by the time you hit Athens, CF, you were ready to hit the showers.

    • Well no, it’s set before America was settled. But yeah – the Japanese were into bathing long before the Europeans were. I really do want to travel to Japan some day and try out their baths. Until then, I rely on deodorant.

  6. Anonymous

    Sorry, my memory failed me. Blackthorne was an Englishman. I guess I was thinking of Richard Chamberlain. Hard to think of him as an Englishman. Also, hard to think of him as smelly and in need of a bath.

  7. towny

    Try “Rich Man, Poor Man” or my favorite “Lonesomedove.”

    Re-runs of “Soap” or “Kids in the Hall” are funny as hell too.

  8. Fly Girl

    Don’t forget to add Mad Men to your queue, if for no other reason to bolster my claim that Joan Harris (‘just a secretary’ to a previous commenter) wields all the power. It’s no ShoGun but it’s good for rainy day viewing.

    How about a thread ‘Post Your Netflix Favs.’ I became a member in January 2005 and couldn’t wait to get movies that I hadn’t seen in decades – Cookoo’s Nest, Midnight Cowboy, Goodbye Columbus, Giant, Citizen Kane, the original Ocean’s 11….Warning: Netflix is addictive…but OH such a great idea.