Stupid is as stupid does

Sexy, impractical, unprofitable and soon to be discontinued

Tesla IPO huge hit. The company has never made a dime and never will make a dime, so either buyers of its ipo are fools (good choice) or figure US taxpayers will bail them out (better choice). The marketplace has lost all reason, either way.


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2 responses to “Stupid is as stupid does

  1. Anonymous

    I love the NY Times headline for this story:

    “With I.P.O., Tesla Bets on Electric Car’s Future”

    Granted that within the story it’s reported that it is not Tesla but the investors in the IPO who are betting the money, but it’s the headline that catches the eye. So what is the justification for this headline, and what clown of an editor let it get published that way?

  2. Cobra

    As I recall, the Feds give Telsa about $450 million about a year ago to fund new manufacturing facilities in CA

    Another half a billion of tax payer dollars down the toilet. Maybe Obummer was promised a ride in one in return.