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Here’s a good reason to postpone buying an iPhone for six months

Bloomberg: Verizon to start selling iPhone in January.


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A couple of contracts of note

15 Sidney Lanier

This house didn’t knock me out back in 2006 when it was asking $7.8 but the builder rented it out for a few years and brought it back this spring at $5.5 million. That seems to have done the trick, and it’s now under contract.

7 Cross Ridge

And this new (2009) construction in Havemeyer found a buyer within a month, even priced at $2.350 million. That’s a solid price for the neighborhood.


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Instapundit on the Kagan hearings

He actually links to another law professor’s live-blogging.

From the comments:

Interestingly enough in the last several years there have been four big SCOTUS cases which IMHO, really define our freedoms and personal liberty Kelo property rights; Citizens United free speech; Heller 2nd amendment and now McDonald.

I hear a lot from liberals about how the right wants to curtail freedoms, we’re fascists yet when I look at where the liberal Justices ruled or dissented in those aforementioned cases I think it’s pretty clear who are the real curtailers of freedom and liberty.

After all when the State can take your property, restrict your political speech and disarm the populace, you really don’t have much left in the way of freedom.

I’d like to know what Kagan’s opinions are on those cases.

Me too, though I think I can guess.


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Someone got a good deal

371 Taconic

4 plus acres, decent house,nice pool and pool house. Assessment $2.65, original asking price $3.5 million, sale price (758 DOM) $2.350.


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