A couple of contracts of note

15 Sidney Lanier

This house didn’t knock me out back in 2006 when it was asking $7.8 but the builder rented it out for a few years and brought it back this spring at $5.5 million. That seems to have done the trick, and it’s now under contract.

7 Cross Ridge

And this new (2009) construction in Havemeyer found a buyer within a month, even priced at $2.350 million. That’s a solid price for the neighborhood.


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8 responses to “A couple of contracts of note

  1. Fly Girl

    The Sidney Lanier location had an uglier than ugly house on it, previously owned/lived in by Joan Lunden. My recollection is that she sold the land and building rights to her brother-in-law and he erected the new place. SL Lane is likely one of those streets where people wait for a sale of one of the many older homes for the tear-down opportunity, not for a mediocre custom house built in 2006 and rented out since. Other new builds on that street are quite spectacular. This one looks like it came from Page 3 of Design your Own Home. The location is spot-on so a sale taking so long only says to me that the house didn’t pass muster.

  2. Hmmm

    Did you see 7 Cross Ridge?

  3. j

    Wow. Great price for havemeyer

  4. grumpy

    I thought you poo-poo-ed Havemeyer Park. I would have expected more of a CF rant. That is a high price for that area. Will be curious to see sale price.

    • No Grumpy, I like Havemyer, especially the people who live there. I did think that, for a neighborhood of modest homes, some of the spec builders were overreaching, and yes, this price does surprise me. I’ll be curious to see if it appraises out.

  5. Hmmm

    7 Cross Ridge could be the best house in the neighborhood. 5K square feet, new high-end construction and fixtures, 0.4 acre of flat yard, at the top of the hill