Everyone knows there’s no sanity clause

Nine-year-old New Canaan girl rescued from chimney


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3 responses to “Everyone knows there’s no sanity clause

  1. Fly Girl

    Yes, Virginia, there’s no sanity clause, but there’s always a string of polo ponies!

  2. Noel Bandwagon

    Can I jump on?

    What a marketing genius. Selling worthless Sentry funds to unknowing buyers on behalf on Madoff.

    Now his daughter sells worthless glass for $95 a ring. Marisa Brown has convinced Vogue to promote a position this crap as “Summer” jewelry. My take is this is all hype and if idiots do not buy it by Labor Day, this Tre Jewelry company will be disbanded.

    Lots of great Noel juice flowing. Poster-children of greedy arrogance.


  3. Anonymous

    You’ve got to admire her spunk, though.

    As the twig is bent…