Nathaniel Witherall project gets the axe from Connecticut

State finally starts slashing spending. I’d say too little, too late, but we have to start somewhere. Since the imposition of Lowell Weicker’s income tax, we’ve doubled the state payroll and quadrupled (after inflation) our spending. As they say, when something can’t keep going, it won’t. And now we’re seeing that happen.

Next step.on the local level: let’s kill the high school auditorium project. If we can no longer count on return of stolen money from Hartford, and we can’t, then this $30 million boondoggle is all ours. Let’s not do it.


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2 responses to “Nathaniel Witherall project gets the axe from Connecticut

  1. anony

    NW needs to attract donors and highbrow benefactors in much the same way that the Library, Bruce Museum and Hospital have. NW is a far worthier cause than any of those others.

  2. Reckless

    I just hope the way too many State Senators and Reps spend to oblivion, then the Feds step in, declare bankrupsy, and wipe out all the State and Munipical union PENSIONS for good.