OMG! A bidding war!

14 Griffith Rd


Listed at $969 and sold for $990 in 16 days. Must have been one of those buyers’ credit deals, don’t you think? My clients and I looked at it and weren’t impressed but that’s what makes a horse race. Assessment is $630,000.    

As I’ve pointed out here many times, looking back at the bidding war “winners” of a few years ago, they all turned out to be losers. But maybe this time is different.


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4 responses to “OMG! A bidding war!

  1. Cos Cobber

    CF, I am familiar with a house in Cos Cob that is under contract with three offers standing behind it waiting for the first deal to fall through. all three subsequent offers are for more than the current contract. this is a home that hit the MLS 3 weeks ago. this is for a sub $1.5MM house.

    • CC, there is definitely a demand for what passes in Greenwich as “moderate priced housing”. If I had listings (and these days, I eschew them) I’d load up on the under $1.9 market, price them maybe 15, 20% below dream value, and sit back while the seller’s attorney collected highest and best bids. Sellers would do very well, and I’d make easy money. Perhaps in the fall.

  2. Stanwich

    That price doesn’t impress me for this part of North Mianus and for these sized lots….they really pack’em in here. At least it is a cute house on a quiet street.