Remember Boston’s “Big Dig”?

According to Bloomberg, the same bankers who enriched themselves selling financing to idiot Boston politicians are now getting rich again selling them a”solution”. If it weren’t that Boston has such a squeaky-clean reputation among its politicians, I’d suspect that the fix was in here. But would Boston pols team up with Wall Street to rip off taxpayers? Never. Just one of those unlucky coincidents, I guess.


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3 responses to “Remember Boston’s “Big Dig”?

  1. Anonymous

    Muni finance has always attracted some of most sleazy and dumbest IBers (usually the affirmative action crowd), mirroring the clients’ characteristics as is often case in a client service business like IB

    Funny that Barry couldn’t even get a job as a muni finance banker and had to settle for community organizing

  2. Sanjay Bigglesworth

    It’s a round tripper. It used to be high-yield to restructuring department. Faces change but the game is the same.

  3. Mr. Independent

    This goes on everywhere, That’s why so many are sick of both parties. To the politically connected, capitalism is often not risk taking, but a no-risk entitlement to millions/billions of government pork and other forms of “legalized graft”

    The only thing new is that bloggers are getting more of the word out. And independent voting taxpayers are getting fed up. To what end we shall see. Maybe as soon as November.