Won’t this be fun

Police reopening Al Gore’s assault on massage girl John Edwards was unavailable for comment.


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7 responses to “Won’t this be fun

  1. not so anonymous


  2. Last Liberal Standing

    Hating life here in Warming Planet Cafe. My heroes have dominoed.

  3. More Marisa Noel Brown

    Walter’s daughter sure loves lunch.

    In March, she wore Valentino and stuffed her face.


    At the East Side Social Club, she was fed food from a table (instead of a feed bag) thanks to the kindness of friends.


    Thank you Bernard Madoff.

  4. Inagua


    It is unfair to yoke John Edwards with Al Gore. Edwards is a stud muffin, while Gore is an awkward nerd who obviously has no idea how to get laid.

  5. Inagua

    Last Liberal,

    You do not have hate life because the high priest of AGW is a creep.

    You could use this as an opportunity to create what another of your leaders calls a teachable moment. You could revisit the hockey stick, the tree rings, the ice core samples, the middle warming period, the effect of rising sea levels on coral atolls, sun spots, and otherwise learn about the facts underlying the AGW theory, and then you could move out Warming Planet Cafe into the broad sunlight uplands of knowledge, reason, and the scientific method of inquiry.

  6. Last Liberal Standing

    Thanks, Inagua. Just what I need, when I’m feeling blue about fallen idols–a lecture on how to become an unweepy, non-dependent, critical thinker.

    I’ll pass. I’m ensconced at an umbrella’d table at the Warming Planet, drowning my sorrows in Merlot or some other French wine, re-highlighting Das Kapital, weeping over Al and Tipper’s autographed 40th-anniversary photo . . .

  7. Inagua

    Last Liberal,

    Cheer up. All will soon be well. The “denial” was couched in language about “inaccurate” and “misleading” reports. This is code for “Al will express regret for any inadvertent offense.”