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Cousin Henry on trying to drill a relief well for the BP disaster

It’s tough!


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Frankly, if he can no longer golf, and he’s a miserable husband and father, what’s left?

Tiger Woods shoots a 79.

Woods bogeyed six holes, double-bogeyed the fifth and managed a lone birdie on the 17th, tying for 48th. Jim Furyk, John Cook, Peter Hanson and Rory Sabbatini were tied for the lead at 71. The two-day event, featuring Hollywood celebrities, Irish billionaires and many of the world’s best golfers, is held every five years.


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Our government not at work

Chinese shipping tycoon creates oil skimmer, sends it here – we’re “testing it”. Wouldn’t the best test be to set it loose and see if it works?


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Am I (not) missing something here?

I’m getting emails from siblings and hearing stories on the radio about a heat wave here. Is Riverside exempt from this heat or am I just clueless? (Entirely likely). It doesn’t seemly unusually hot to me, but what do I know?

UPDATE: Maybe I spoke too soon – it seems that the heat wave arrives today. Ugh.


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Works for me!


GAIA’S REVENGE: SUV hits an eco-friendly mass transit bus, careens into a greenhouse. And, of course, there’s a huge heat wave in the Northeast. The Goddess is angry. Probably because of the Al Gore “sex poodle” incident. I guess we’d better push him into a volcano or something to appease her.

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