Daily Archives: July 8, 2010

Sorry, still dragging

You know I’m ill if I can’t find it in me to blog these days  but I did get to the office just now to see what’s been happening in real estate. Not much: three contracts in three days but of the nine sales, two went in bidding wars! 22 Mahr Avenue, a tear down asking $1.250 sold for $1.300 and 17 Old Wagon, asking $1.795 sold for the astonishing sum of $1.817.5.

On the other hand, 290 Riverside Avenue, property I listed new in 2007 and that was sold for $3.8, is back on today for $just $3.249.9. It’s owned by Nokia and presumably they can take the hit rather than keep an empty house around. Pretty nice house and could be some value here.

Okay, that’s about the end of my energy. I’ll try to get to comments later today. Please bear with me and no doubt we’ll have this blog up and running soon.


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