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Gibbons: Let's stop monkeying around!

A friend has pointed out that there is an opening for a challenger to Lile Gibbons, representative for the 150th State District. Now, there’s no way I’d drive to Hartford, ever, but a campaign premised on a promise never to set foot in the Capitol might have broad appeal. Nothing good happens there, so I could stay down here and fight the lonely fight to protect Greenwich from the Hartford Marauders. Hell, Gibbons accomplishes nothing with all her commuting, could I do worse from here? Not a  chance – the 180 minutes she spends driving I could spend fighting. And it would fill up some of that free time I’ll have as tax collector.

My motto: “If nominated, I will run. If elected, I shall not serve.” Imagine if our entire Legislature took a similar pledge – Connecticut would be on the road to economic recovery within days.

Apparently I need just 44 signatures to get on the ballot. Just think of the fun we could have at campaign debates!


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12 responses to “The good ideas just keep coming – Fountain for State Government

  1. Anonymous

    CF, you have my vote. CTstategov needs some serious heckling at a minimum.

  2. Do the signatures have to be registered voters? or citizens? or legal residents? Can your landscapers sign too?

    How about on-line electronic signatures?

    Do web hits count? Just submit your ClustrMap!

  3. Cobra

    Where do I sign?

  4. Pierre Bergé, Nom de Plume

    Cher Monsieur Christophe de la Fontagne,
    I thought you had to be a multi-millionaire to run for State office. Do you know John Beresford Tipton, Jr? Has Michael Anthony paid you a visit recently? Êtes-vous riche?

  5. just_looking

    You could count on my vote, but that is not my district. Still, you should consider it. You should reach out to John Ryan (Darien) for some color on the role.

  6. 250,000 votes

    There are about one quarter million employees in CT who work for state, munipical, and local governments including teachers, police, etc. Hard to change that. Some Union leaders makes over 200,000 dollars a year in some Local AFSCME unions in CT.

  7. I love signing petitions for candidates. It’s part of the American system. Assuming you can count both you and me, you only have 42 to go! 🙂

  8. Anonymous

    I see you got the endorsement of Your dear scribe- now all you need is Mr. Keyersling, and the biker and you are guaranteed to be a sure loser.

  9. w b h

    @Pierre Bergé: I’m sorry to inform you of something about which you may not be aware.

    A million bucks just ain’t worth what it was when Mr. Anthony was delivering those checks. 🙂

    $1mm in 1955 = ~ $142,000 now.

  10. Anonymous

    w b h, $1mm in 1955 dollars is worth much, much more than $142 k now. Think your numbers are backwards.