Recent land sales, just as a FYI

33 Club Road, Riverside, 0.7 acre, $2.250, assessment, $1.680.

36 Harbor Drive, Belle Haven, water views, $3.850, assessment, $2.823.


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4 responses to “Recent land sales, just as a FYI

  1. Riverside Dog Walker

    I like that Club Road lot, but wow, what a price. Maybe they paid extra for the fox den on the property.

    • I think it’s a fair price – the house next door did sell in the 8’s -under somewhat unusual circumstances, admittedly, but I think the right house could sell in the high 6’s to mid $7’s, depending on quality of finishes, etc. I’d have recommended $2.2 to a client and maybe I’d have been off – it happens – but not by much, if at all. In my opinion, of course, and everybody has one of those. Club Road commands a premium among Riverside residents who want proximity to the yacht club and there have been some pretty impressive sales there recently.
      If my client didn’t care about being near the Riverside Yacht Club and had the extra money, I’d have suggested that the Belle Haven property was the better buy, but those are really two different markets.

  2. Anonymous

    That Club Road lot is sweet. I’m not surprised by the px – Greenwich prices are absurd, but you already knew that

  3. Cobra

    Chis…what’s the deal with 541 Lake Avenue? For months it has appeared empty, with large trees downed by he March 13 storm filling its front yard until last week when some serious machinery removed the damaged trees and cut down most all remaining trees on the property. This property has a three car garage situated right in front of the house, a positioning that seems less than optimal. A tear down/land sale?