Well, at least one of our Selectmen is working

Peter Tesei in disguise (the men's Rolex gives him away)

Third Selectman and EMT guy Drew Marzullo has come up with a cheap (free, actually) way to communicate with emergency services at Tod’s Point, where cellphone coverage can be spotty. Beach goers nervous about their security or health while hiking the park can check out a radio at the ticket booth and return it when they leave. The radios are older analog instruments that the police no longer use so they were just gathering dust, but they still work, and pressing a single button will connect the caller to the police dispatcher. That’s a smart idea – I don’t know if it’s necessary, although Marzullo came up with it in response to concerns expressed by his constituents so someone wanted the ability to summon help, but what makes it especially smart is that it basically costs the town nothing. If it doesn’t work, or there’s no demand, no harm no foul.

But what I think we really need is a way to reach our First Selectman and his tax collector to find out when, if ever, they plan to send out our property tax bills. I realize that Mr. Tesei, who is rumoured by Scusie to be on Nantucket working on his all-over tan at Miacomet’s nude beach, is out of touch (the only place to carry a phone in that state of nature tends to muffle the sound), but couldn’t tax collector Laudonia carry a cellphone in his golf bag?

By the way, where is Greenwich Time on this scandal? I lost my only reader there when Bernie Yudain died but I can’t be the only one squawking about this.


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9 responses to “Well, at least one of our Selectmen is working

  1. Pierre Bergé, Nom de Plume

    We should have no problem calling our Tax Collector, since there is a cell tower at The Griff. Don’t all call at once, however, as doing so may irradiate his balls.

  2. Bill Clark

    I’ve been squawking, too. Between our two blogs, you KNOW the rest of the local media is aware of the problem, but they seem to be doing the usual hush-up of anything that might suggest Greenwich is not Disneyland. Which it isn’t, even though we have more than our fair share of Mickey Mouse in this fair town….

  3. Hey, give that girl something to eat. Jeez!

  4. Pierre Bergé, Nom de Plume

    Cher Monsieur de la Fontagne,
    Pardonez mon francais, pardon my French; I meant votre Tax Collector’s balles de golf, of course. Sometimes, j’ai de la difficulté avec ma translation en anglais. Pierre

  5. The Duke of Deception

    Nice po-po’s!

  6. monica noel

    stop showing my grand daughter off in public places.

  7. Mark Kordick

    Six months ago, you were accusing me of participation in a “rip off” of the taxpayers as evidenced my annual earnings in 2009:


    When Selectman Marzullo approached me with this problem (in my capacity as the administrator of the municipality’s 800 MHz trunked radio communications system), I advanced a no-cost way to leverage existing technology and produce a potentially life-saving solution. Suddenly, I’m a brilliant steward of the Town’s fiscal resources. With respect, that seems a tad fickle Mr. Fountain.

    You may find it heartening to know that with my recent promotion to Captain (and departure from the Police Officer’s collective bargaining unit) my current annual salary is capped at $120,085. It seems that on top of (and despite) an $80,000/year pay cut, I am continuing to produce value for the municipality.

    It makes one wonder if perhaps a police officer’s largely thankless job is not just about the money after all.

    Capt. Mark Kordick
    Greenwich Police Department

    • Captain Kordick I apologize if I slighted your efforts, but rereading that post I see that i did acknowledge the long hours you put in, but pointed out that some of my readers said: had we outsourced the job, we would have saved money. They and I may indeed have wrong but regardless, I hope you never get the impression that the efforts of the Greenwich police are unappreciated here. I have some serious issues with the attitude of a few patrol officers but, as I’ve mentioned before, in my family’s 56 years in town, you guys have come to our aid over lost children, serious accidents and even a suicide and have always been caring, compassionate and professional. And for all of that, I am extremely grateful and appreciative.