An apology to Chris Finlay

Earlier today I posted an item stating that Mr. Finlay had rejected an offer of $8 million from my client and subsequently sold it to his own client for $7.8. I was wrong and I deeply regret relying on my memory, rather than first double-checking my email records. I did indeed recommend an $8 million offer ($7.9, actually) to my client but in fact, he chose to bid only $7.5 million. So Chris acted entirely appropriately in selling the property for $300,000 more. And I am very, very sorry to have impugned his integrity. I like Chris – we had a rocky start together many years ago but since then we have gotten along just fine and I have found him to be a highly professional agent.

So Chris, I apologize, profoundly and humbly and ask your forgiveness.

UPDATE: Chris has graciously accepted my apology but corrects me: my client offered $7 million, not $7.5. (although his ultimate goal was $7.5). You can lead a horse to water, but a pencil must be lead.


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14 responses to “An apology to Chris Finlay

  1. Anonymous

    As far as I was concerned the house wasn’t even worth $7 mil. Absolutely zero character!! I was shocked to learn it sold for $7.8 I guess there is a seat for every ass.

  2. Retired IB'er

    Doesn’t it suck that, among other things, your memory just ain’t what it use to be when you were younger.

    The “facts” seem all to real in your head despite the otherwise painful reality.

    • IB’r, it’s true, by God. There are things I remember as clear as day and yet something pops up to prove my memory is absolutely wrong. It doesn’t happen often, yet, but I am definitely going to be be far more careful from now on to confirm before I rely on memory alone. Sucks getting old. I’m just grateful that Chris Finlay forgave me because, as I said, while we had a very bitter dispute many years ago, that’s old history and I’m glad not to rekindle it.

  3. Stanwich

    And no hat tip to me for pointing out that something was wrong with your story? I clearly saw through your BS and failing memory.

  4. Kidding Really??

    Noodle legs

  5. Priapus

    Nice guy that Chris Finlay, my experience. Now now, can’t we all just get along. Seems there’s enough money to go around.

  6. Anonymous

    a very gracious apology; most of us could not have done it so well.

    • I try to be fair and I try to be accurate, but if I screw up, I want my correction and apology to be as prominent as the original post. Not to be preachy, especially after such a grievous error, but I think newspapers ought to follow the same policy, rather than bury their corrections in the inside of the paper.

  7. anony

    i’d think 5% times $8 ish mil would be a pretty decent chill pill all by itself.

  8. Dub

    Damn!! I knew them WMDs were there.

  9. Anon

    Wow, while the apology is nice such an error should never occur in the first place.
    How does a professional realtor forget such offers twice. I doubt many $5mln+ offers come your way so often.
    Verifying facts prior to printing is a journalists job, especially when the facts are your own and so easy to verify.
    Enjoy your blog, but such a blunder makes me loose respect as a reader.
    Thanks for the apology to the readers and realtor.

    • There’s no excuse, Anon, but we bid on three separate properties in April, – two were for $8 and over and, as I said, while I recommended a bid of $7.9 for this one, that wasn’t what we actually bid. I have apologized to Chris, he’s accepted my apology, and, other than promising my readers to double-check my memory in the future, I think that’s the end of this matter.

      Just as an aside, you’re quite wrong about how many large bids are being tossed around by clients of mine and other agents. Why do you think I go nuts about sellers who, in my opinion, are so stubborn? I present real, legitimate, all-cash offers in the $5-$12 million range and owners seem to think, “well, if there’s one buyer out there, after five years, there must be more coming!”. Usually, there aren’t.

  10. Peg

    “Wow, while the apology is nice such an error should never occur in the first place.”

    Let he who is without sin, yada yada yada….

    Fascinating topic how our memories can deceive us on occasion. And – I agree with you, Christopher. I think it is appalling how newspapers will print blaring headlines and a long story about someone … but when the story turns out to be bogus, one needs a microscope to find the correction.

    You erred, then apologized big and bold. As it should be.

  11. Old Coot

    Anon @ 5:54: Perfection is a terrible burden, I hope you carry it well.