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Great – the First Golfer is now going to micro-manage the oil spill

Desperate to look like he’s doing something, Obummer has now stopped BP’s latest attempt to cap the broken well while his politicos assess the  situation. The man is more than just an incompetent – he’s a menace to society.


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Let’s pray that Tod Laudonia isn’t put in charge of this project.

State to discontinue windshield registration stickers August 1st.

WETHERSFIELD, Conn. (AP) — Connecticut officials say the state will save about $800,000 yearly when it discontinues front window car registration stickers and makes other changes.

State Department of Motor Vehicles Commissioner Robert Ward says the stickers are unnecessary now that troopers can instantly check a vehicle’s registration status electronically.

The rectangular stickers will be discontinued Aug. 1, and motorists will be able to peel them off and discard them.

Starting in September, the department will also stop mailing vehicle registration renewal certificates. Instead, it will include them as a tear-off part of the registration application, which is mailed 60 days before it is due.

My brother John is going to be ticked when he reads this – he just spent two hours at DMV last week getting a windshield sticker that was never mailed.


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Pardon moi, but I’m not celebrating Bastille Day with the savages

It’s Bastille Day and here in Greenwich, there are people who are toasting the date. I’m of French descent but the French aristocracy condoned and encouraged the slaughter of the Protestant nobility and the confiscation of their properties back in the 1500’s. Only two de la Fontaine brothers escaped the massacres, and I suppose I could rejoice that the Catholic royalty got theirs 200 years later, but I just don’t like mobs, period. Anyway, have fun. I see that Peter Tesei has somehow made his way back to Greenwich, fully clothed, and is joining in the celebration of the guillotine and mass slaughter. Perhaps he’ll find time to address the tax bill issue, later.

UPDATE: I would hate for Bill Clark’s observation to be lost in the comments section so I’ve moved it up front:

Amusingly enough, the Local Rag reporter totally misquotes the French Consul General by printing, “Lalliot noted that Americans and the French have fought together in the French and Indian War and both World Wars.”

M. Lalliot quite clearly said “the American Revolution,” not “the French and Indian wars” of a century earlier…when we were fighting, um, the French and the Indians.

Only in Greenwich do we have a newspaper that can’t only get its quotes straight, but hopelessly muddles the facts as well.

My only correction for Bill’s comment is that in fact, the French and Indian War was actually fought just a few decades before our revolution, not a century before. I only know that because I remember reading that it was during that war that George Washington gained his first military experience (he didn’t do so well, by the way). But yes, we were fighting the French, and they, in turn loosed Indians on American settlers, with horrible results for Americans. If I recall, the tea tax was imposed on us by Britain to recover some of the cost of fighting that war and the Brits felt we were ungrateful subjects because we refused to replenish the royal treasury.


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Striped bass in Ole’s Creek

Not Benji, but here's what a 15 lb bass looks like

Benji Ward, chef at the Beach House Cafe, reports that he caught a 15 lb bass in the creek at 1:15 in the morning the other day, after getting off work. I can’t verify this personally – he released it (!) but that’s what he told his dad and my creek neighbor Tom Ward, and it’s been my experience that kids whose parents are honest and honorable turn out the same way ( my own kids learned those virtues through their mom, Pal Nancy). And Tom Ward is all of that (plus an honorary Kaye Brother, placing him in the triad of the bestest real estate lawyers in Greenwich) so I believe Benji. Besides, I’ve hooked, but lost stripers at least that big in the creek, so I know they’re there.

My beef? Tom is a great lawyer but no fisherman, and didn’t bother asking Benji whether he was using bait or a lure and, if a lure, what kind? Good God!  If you want advice on real estate, by all means call Tom, but for fishing advice, he’s as useless as his honorary brothers, Joel and Jeremy.


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The MLS is dead but not necessarily the real estate market

We’re seeing almost no contract activity on the Multiple Listing Service these day, but both Fudrucker and I and, I assume, other agents, are quite busy, with a number of deals closing in the next few weeks and even more lined up for the next sixty days. The secret? We’re doing bank deals, short sales and various direct deals with sellers of  distressed properties that aren’t listed with the MLS.

To be brutally honest, I’ve pretty much given up on new listings on the MLS. I see them come on, look at their asking price and dismiss them – I represent buyers, and there is simply no point wasting my clients’ time looking at houses priced by delusional sellers. I do keep an eye on price changes because sometimes, after a year or two on the market, sellers get real, but new listings? Forget it. I’ll go tour them myself, just to store them in my memory bank, but show them to clients? Not a chance.


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