Striped bass in Ole’s Creek

Not Benji, but here's what a 15 lb bass looks like

Benji Ward, chef at the Beach House Cafe, reports that he caught a 15 lb bass in the creek at 1:15 in the morning the other day, after getting off work. I can’t verify this personally – he released it (!) but that’s what he told his dad and my creek neighbor Tom Ward, and it’s been my experience that kids whose parents are honest and honorable turn out the same way ( my own kids learned those virtues through their mom, Pal Nancy). And Tom Ward is all of that (plus an honorary Kaye Brother, placing him in the triad of the bestest real estate lawyers in Greenwich) so I believe Benji. Besides, I’ve hooked, but lost stripers at least that big in the creek, so I know they’re there.

My beef? Tom is a great lawyer but no fisherman, and didn’t bother asking Benji whether he was using bait or a lure and, if a lure, what kind? Good God!  If you want advice on real estate, by all means call Tom, but for fishing advice, he’s as useless as his honorary brothers, Joel and Jeremy.


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3 responses to “Striped bass in Ole’s Creek

  1. Kidding??

    You sure about that weight?

  2. fred

    Someone we know recently caught a 38 pounder at the Davis Ave bridge in Bruce Park. PM, no moon, 1 hour ebb, bunker chunk, 4/0 hook, 20lb mono. Catch and release.