Oooh, the anger of an unrequited seller!

Furious email from some homowner. Here’s what she says:

Dear Christopher,

I was recently forwarded a copy of your description of my house at 69 Lake Avenue in Greenwich, CT.

You are factually incorrect on many points and I demand that you remove all reference of my property on your website. You are falsely communicating information to the public and misleading them. Additionally, you have personally hurt me with your false information and total misrepresentation.

Please let me know when you have removed the item. Also, you falsely posted a comment from my husband. [what the fuck does this mean? Ed] This action is considered unlawful in the State of Connecticut.

I look forward to hearing from you today.

Thank you

Here’s what I said, way back in January. Is there any connection at all between what I wrote and what this woman read?

69 Lake Avenue

This 1795 house, just to the east of the Lake Avenue rotary, was originally listed at $2.650 million back in 2007. It’s now been rented, at $7,000 a month, through January, 2012, and you can buy it for $1.925. Your call.

That’s all I wrote – I’ll take down the offending post – I’d have thought a little free advertising might have helped this lady but obviously, 37 months on, she’s over-priced her house – not my problem, but I don’t want to add to her woes. But I’m leaving the post up for a couple of days so that readers can see the disconnect between delusional sellers and reality. Come Friday, down it goes. And then, no doubt, she’ll finally sell her house at $5  million. Nut job.


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42 responses to “Oooh, the anger of an unrequited seller!

  1. Pierre Bergé, Nom de Plume

    According to Google Maps, it is actually north-east.

  2. CatRocker

    Hmmm, I must admit that I go back to read your January posts every day…..

  3. > According to Google Maps, it is actually north-east.

    Yeah, and it’s “Lake Ave., not “Lake Avenue”.

  4. Mr. Nut Job

    Vielen Dank für die Hilfe meiner Frau führen.

  5. Burning Madolf

    She sounds like a nice litigious lady.
    She’s probably pissed that you failed to point out its proximity to the emergency room entrance, the parking garage, the road to the Dr. offices in the back and the health benefits of trying to stay alive while crossing the street. Not to mention the rotary and the truck traffic (love the sound of dump trucks braking in the morning).

  6. Earth Ocean Sky

    My recollection is that there was a different (and vituperative) thread about this house. Darned if I can find it using your search. This post is no cause for the homeowner to get her panties in such a bunch.

  7. Cos Cobber

    You shouldnt take your post down. You said nothing offensive or misleading. You merely restated the facts.

  8. lawtalkingguy

    The husband comment looks like she may be referring to the last comment from Peter something or other where he seems to make a derogatory remark about the owner. Looks like you’re being used as part of a messy divorce.

  9. CatRocker

    Hmmmm 2 – guess they are not happy that the January article comes up second on a google search of the address…..

  10. So Greenwich

    I have always loved this house. At $795K it was priced right. Convenient location but too noisy. How does the pricing now compare w/ Perryridge pricing? It is the same neighborhood, in my book.

  11. Bill Clark

    Is it “considered unlawful in the State of Connecticut” to call someone a nut job? Just askin’, is all.

    P.S. I think you should leave your “offending” (your word) post up. Let the “nut job” try to convince a court of your “unlawful” behavior. It should make for great judicial theatre! 🙂

  12. shelton1904

    I think it’s actually great advertising for her property. You said nothing negative and just stated the facts – nothing wrong with that, in my opinion.

  13. If you go back to the original post it was probably the comments there that upset her.

  14. WaitingToBuy

    Did she really think someone would pay her $1,000 per square foot for this? How does this house appear to the one on Deerfield that has been on the market for a few years at $1.5mm?

  15. Red

    I recall that post, and I remember I thought you were put a very positive spin on the house back then. And the photo was nice. In fact, you avoided saying exactly what Burning Madolf and many others of us might have been thinking about the location and the traffic. I don’t know why she is blaming you for the fact that she sunk a ton of money into renovating a home on a very busy corner, at the wrong moment in history.

  16. Somebody's Husband

    Maybe you should include these “facts” from Zillow:

    “Built in 1790, renovated in 2006 with the finest details. Hardwood throughout. This 3600 sq. ft home features 4 bedrooms and 2 baths. Original fireplace hearths, pine planked floor, stainless steel appliances, subway tile and Waterworks fixtures. Terraced gardens on .38 acres. Owner will finance. ”

    69 Lake AveGreenwich, CT 06830
    Zestimate®: $1,135,500

    Price History
    Date Description Price % Chg $/sqft Source
    11/09/2009 Listing removed * — — — —
    06/07/2009 Price change * $1,995,000 -4.8% $554 NRT
    06/06/2009 Listed for sale * $2,095,000 -10.9% $581 NRT
    07/01/2008 Price change * $2,350,000 -4.1% $652 Prudential
    06/20/2008 Price change * $2,450,000 -5.8% $680 Prudential
    05/29/2008 Listed for sale * $2,600,000 420% $722 Prudential
    02/15/2001 Sold $500,000 — $138 Public Record

  17. Retired IB'er

    What’s amazing to me is that you get this missive seven months after the fact. S0 it took this woman that long to compose her hysterical non-sense. Just goes to show there is no correlation between net worth and intelligence…

    By the by, how is your post considered unlawful?

    I’m only sorry that I don’t have a law degree as I would gladly take on idiots like this trying to silence you (assuming the law is on your side, and if it’s not, I’d try to get it changed).

    What a bunch of bollocks!

  18. pulled up in OG

    “I hope our society is able to figure out a way to address one bad apple in a pool of content without collateral consequences for the innocent speakers. This (case) highlights the fragility of speech on the internet when thousands of speakers have their speech removed.”

    Thousands of blogs shut down over ‘terrorist material’

  19. Best left alone

    Those little bungalows built on rock were cute as they were…simple small workman cottages. Until greedy 2005-6 owners decided to blast rock and fill the lot with “expandahomes”.

    All house, no land.

    I commented here when you first posted. 1970’s Greenwich was great. Things left as they were. Untouched.

    Now the owners and their houses are hopped up on steroids, botox, and plastic surgery. The new Greenwich is fake, plastic, not real or genuine, and not a good place anymore.

    Hopefully this ass sells and leaves town.

  20. Stanwich

    Dear Angry Home Owner,

    I too had trouble selling my last bit of real estate but I didn’t blame Chris Fountain. You sound like a very angry (and probably financially pressed) seller, but that’s no excuse for such nastiness.

    Your biggest mistake was expanding the house in the first place on a very busy rotary that could never support the price you deemed appropriate. Perhaps you should enlist Chris to sell the thing for you. At least then you get a real pricing opinion.

  21. Pierre Bergé, Nom de Plume

    Monsieur, Was this photo taken before the erection of the hospital’s cell phone tower? Or was it photo-shopped?

  22. WaitingToBuy

    Chris – This is the comment that Heidi was referring to from her husband. While it may not have been posted by him, it is factually correct – here is the posting

    Peter Pfabe
    January 28, 2010 at 8:06 pm Owner is dressage enthusiast. Citicorp worker.

  23. Old School Grump

    Wow, nothing like a tempest in a teapot to brighten a dull midsummer’s day.

    I’ll bet CatRock nailed it with the observation that this tidbit comes up second on the list if you google the address.

    The husband business is probably due to the comment posted by “Peter Pfabe.”

    I reread all the comments on the January post, and it seems clear that Madame is holding you responsible for your commenters’ comments.

    Do you have good reason to believe that this communication really did come from the home’s owner, rather than some flustered real estate agent?

  24. SlappedAss

    I would think that so much posting with off color remarks, insults, degradation and controversy could possibly one day offend or upset an employer. Even as a 1099 independent contractor I would be hesitant to employ someone who is by most standards highly opinionated, somewhat of a loose cannon, and does not seem to conduct himself in a manner that is conducive to developing long term client relationships. As a client, I would fear that any information I conveyed to you would end up on this website. You obviously don’t care about your online persona, but there are many people, clients, employers, etc that certainly do.

    • Well here’s a funny thing, Slapped Ass – my clients and I have a great relationship and they trust me. You, who I don’t know, don’t like me – and the beauty of that is that we will never have to do business together. I love running this blog because it weeds out peckerheads!

  25. Somebody's Husband

    Furthermore, if Zillow is correct, this property is assessed at only $500K and they only pay $4K a year in taxes. If this is true, the owner has been paying too little in taxes for years. Perhaps the tax assessor should look into this and make sure the owner pays their fair share. As a Greenwich resident, I don’t think it’s right that I pay over double in property taxes on my house which is worth less than what this person is trying to sell theirs for. I suspect this house never got reassessed after it was renovated??? Maybe worth investigating???

  26. just_looking

    Do not remove your post. If you choose to respond to the angry writer, offering to correct any errors in fact that she identifies (if they are actually errors). Check the facts, correct if necessary and leave the post up.

  27. Old Coot

    My dad, whose been gone for some time, used to use the term “peckerhead” when describing dolts he wouldn’t waste his time with. Seems appropriate in this case as well.

    • Old Coot, my dad, also long passed, made me most proud when he showed up, sometime in the mid-sixties, with my mother at a neighbor’s house for some party when, not long long into it, the host made some unforgivably stupid remark. My father grabbed my mother by the arm and said, within earshot of the host, “I spend my workweek with idiots – I don’t have to waste my weekends with them – get your coat: we’re leaving,” And they walked home. I believe my mother was mortified at the time, but over the decades, we all decided it was the Commander’s finest moment as a civilian.

  28. HG

    I continue to believe that Greenwich sellers are missing the opportunity to employ CF on the sell side. Clearly there is either the opportunity for a seller willing to list at a true clearing price to add CF’s imprimatur: that the listed property is a genuine, FWIW-approved bargain. For the many other sellers trying to hook the rare deal at an inflated price, adding CF to the mix can only help convince the (rare) unwitting buyer to overpay on the theory that CF has already talked his seller down on the listing price. S.A. does not realize that anything–even CF’s online persona–can be monetized.

    • HG, no one wants to hire me to list their house. Which is okay with me, but it is funny. Sellers want to live in fantasy land, I I’m not willing to go there with them – not when I’d have to spend money advertising their dream-priced houses. So for now, it’s all buyers. That may change in a few years, who knows?

  29. anon

    According to the Tax Assessment, available on the town’s web site, 69 Lake Ave is assessed at only $500K. It is 2,077 sq ft, has 3 bedrooms, and 7 total rooms, and sits on 0.2027 acres and was built in 1768.

    But according to the listing on Zillow, “…Built in 1790… this 3600 sq. ft home features 4 bedrooms and 2 baths,” and is on 0.38 acres.

    Something isn’t adding up?

  30. dogwalker

    SlappedAss, You must know one of the the same realtor I do! You are using all the same phrases I heard!

  31. just_looking

    ANON, is it possible that the town records do not reflect some additional work done to the property? Were the proper permits issued? and a CO completed? Just asking.

  32. Earth Ocean Sky

    Holy Cow, if the angry homeowner was furious before, wait til she reads THIS pile of comments.

  33. pulled up in OG

    Renovated in ’06 and the tax assessor hasn’t caught up with it YET?

    Can’t blame Laudonia for this one.

  34. Pete

    There is an additional tax account for this property, land only, under Tax ID # 07-3050/S. Additional land area is 0.1797 acre with an assessment of $250,110. Total land area is therefore 0.3824 acre or 16,657 square feet. The improved parcel, Tax ID # 07-1095/S has a total assessment of $500,010. Total assessment for the two parcels is $750,120. I don’t know why it is carried as two parcels for assessment purposes, something a title search may turn up.

  35. tokenekebozo

    Leave your post as it is and don’t let this harridan intimidate you. You said nothing objectionable or actionable.

  36. anon

    Pete’s explaination accounts for the descrepancy in acreage, but there’s still a difference in the square footage and number of bedrooms of the dwelling. It does sound possible that the renovation that was done in 2006 was never properly assessed. When I did a renovation on my house, it got revalued as part of the process to obtain a certificate of occupancy. Even if the total assessment of the two lots is $750K, that is still too low and the owners have been paying artificially low property taxes for the past four years. Somebody in Town Hall should look into this.

  37. SlappedAss

    I’m wondering how many deals sellers have passed on based on the fact that the buyers agent was CF, someone who could possibly post erroneous, sarcastic, damaging, and incorrect information on his website concerning details of a potential transaction. For the life of me, I can’t see how running this website could advance one’s income or career. Of course if there was little or no business to be derived from being a buyers agent, then it would make sense, as there was little downside. But anyone who was serious, dedicated and made a good living from being a buyers broker would not be posting highly opinionated, insulting and degrading comments online. Additionally, I have to think that the time spent posting, addressing comments, and managing this site could be better spent actually engaged in the business of transacting real estate. I see no advertisements, nor did I have to pay to join this site. It is obvious this is a zero income website, the question then becomes why would someone spend so much time on something they make no money with, at the expense of a business that could generate additional income? Does not make much sense. Possibly because of a decades old hatred towards a former employer? Maybe someone can explain the rationale. If I was to own and moderate a website about my business, I would want it to be a positive reflection on my business/industry, I would want it to advance my business, and of course I would want to generate some income. To post anecdotal comments about others to the detriment of my own business interest seems extremely foolish. Of course CF can maintain that he is “doing just fine” in this business even with this website, but its very difficult to know exactly how much business he would be doing without the website. Maybe his income would be 25, 50 or 100% higher. It must be a full time job, unpaid of course, maintaining this site.

  38. Mr. 85 Broad St.

    Thought you would like to know that you’re not the only one dealing with this issue….