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Hey, Slapped Ass

You finally committed the cardinal sin on this blog and bored me one too many times, so  I’ve consigned your ip address to the spam file. But if you do have your own blog, as you hint you do, or start one, send me the link and I’ll post it, once.


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Cool – I’m not the only idiot out here

White House apologizes to fired official, offers her new job.I missed this story – it’s been a busy week – but a conservative columnist posted a snippet of a TV interview of an adminstration executive that seemed to suggest she discriminated against a white farmer,and she was fired on Monday without anyone at the White House taking the time to investigate the matter. It took two days, but she has now received a full apology and an offer of a new job. Chris Finlay, I hope you’ll note that I corrected my error in two hours, not two days. I can’t offer you a job, but then, you don’t need one.


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New York Magazine shares my low opinion of the Noel clan

Surely there must be someone at Round Hill Club who will defend him!

“Boundless avarice” does seem to sum up Walter and his greedy, grasping kin quite nicely.


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PETA whacko or coyotes?

More swans disappear from Taconic Road home. When the first set disappeared, I figured, “coyotes”. Round two, I’m betting on a PETA lunatic.


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New sales, not yet reported

Frankie Fudrucker pulled off two coups today, one a straight-forward sale, another a short sale that took 13 months (!) to accomplish. The easy one was 33 (?) John Street – Brad Hvolbeck listing, Westchester builder: go for the deal and drive it home. I do believe I suggested the land to Fudrucker and I may get a coffee out of the guy, maybe.

The other sale was in Riverside, south of Riverside Avenue and, while it will certainly show up in the public land records a week from now I think I should keep my mouth shut about it for now. But it’s done and closed, and the owner walked from a million in mortgage debt. There really are some great deals out there (Fudrucker and I have a bunch in the pipeline) but as a buyer, you have to be incredibly patient while the process grinds along. But if you have time, you will gain a bargain.


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I hate to be mean to a guy doing 4-to-6 but…

27 Vineyard Lane

But there’s no other real estate news to report on, so this price reduction caught my eye. Forget the house – it’s a wreck. So you’ve got 3.5 acres in a 2 acre zone and, according to its original 2007 listing (at $4.995), you can build a 13,000 sq. ft. home here. I suppose you could, if you want to live in a tower, but at least three of those acres are swamp, so there are a few building constraints besides FAR regulations.

Three agents later, it’s down to $2.99 million. Assessed value was $2.333 back in 2005, and I think that was a grievous injustice to the property owner, had he been the type to pay taxes.


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Jimbo Himes announces new cost cuts – he and every other Congressman are quitting, and they won’t come back for ten years.

Well no, Jimbo’s plan isn’t quite as ambitious as that. It’s just a worked-over warm pile of poo that he and his fellow Demmerkrats (and Republicans too, no doubt) have cooked up so as to look like they have ” a plan”, just in time for the election. Truly: I think the answer, the only way to drum the message into these thick-skulled politicians’ skulls, is to vote every one of them out of office, regardless of party. It may take a couple of election cycles but sooner or later, they’ll understand.


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Attention, children with parents:

Strolled into the house this morning and found my mother in a tizzy trying to send funds via Western Union to a friend of hers who had been robbed in Scotland and needed immediate cash. My mother is quite sharp, even though she was born in 1924, but she has always had a huge heart and if a friend of hers is in trouble, she responds, immediately. I, on the other hand, am a cynical lawyer – I told her that some Russian or Nigerian had gained access to her friend’s email account and was scamming his friends. I stopped the payment, notified Western Union what was going on and fired off a phone call and email to the victim to alert him of the breach.

It’s possible, I suppose, that the email was legitimate – it’s also possible, and the odds are equal, that the air in my living room will disappear in the next minute or so and I’ll suffocate before I can post this.

My point? Our parents tend to trust the Internet far more than they should. I’m hugely proud of my mom, at 86,  for having a world-wide network of friends she keeps up with via the Internet, but if you have such an intrepid, dauntless parent, it wouldn’t hurt to remind them that, on the Internet, no one knows you’re a dog.


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Can Blumenthal be far behind?

"Oh dear, Monica, does this mean they want the money back?" (Photo, NY Social Diary

Madoff Trustee sues Walter Noel and his henchmen. (Thanks to several readers who sent this along – I’ve been out of touch this morning).

Irving Picard, the court-appointed trustee, is seeking more than $3.6 billion in damages and to undo transfers to Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC orchestrated by Fairfield Greenwich Group, a “feeder fund” for Madoff’s operations.

“Sophisticated hedge fund investment advisers and promoters engaged in a systematic, purposeful enterprise with Madoff to maintain and profit from a fraud and wrongly enrich themselves,” lawyers for Picard wrote in a complaint filed on Tuesday night with the U.S. bankruptcy court in Manhattan.

“The defendants did not properly, independently, and reasonably perform due diligence into the many red flags strongly indicating Madoff was a fraud,” the 217-page complaint added. “The defendants did exactly the opposite.”

A spokesman for the defendants rejected the allegations.

Picard filed his original complaint against three Fairfield Greenwich defendants in May 2009.

The new defendants include 24 Fairfield Greenwich affiliates, and 19 individuals who received hundreds of millions of dollars for improperly feeding money to Madoff, he said. Three of the individuals are founding Fairfield Greenwich partners Walter Noel, Jeffrey Tucker and Andres Piedrahita.


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