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Good gracious – 37 pending comments? What have I done to offend readers now?


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Well this only took fifty years

Charlie Rangel finally brought up on charges. It won’t affect his re-election chances of course – his people love him – but it may prove a tad embarrassing for his fellow Demmerkrats. He is, after all. the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.


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The most beautiful woman I met in the past 12 months is in her mid-forties

Women most beautiful at 31? It’s all relative, obviously. At 18, I wasn’t exactly drooling over women in their 40s (Sophia Loren being the single exception). I’ll be 57 in two weeks, and I can tell you, 46 can look absolutely ravishing.


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hey anonymous – re building inspector

Look, guy, I can’t, and won’t post your accusations about corruption in the Building Department without some proof. It’s too easy for someone to send an anonymous email about criminal acts – if you have proof, send the documents – I promise that I’ll scan them and post them – but if all I have is the word of an anonymous reader, I will do nothing. Fair enough? If you want to give me your(verifiable) name, I’ll even post your accusations without proof. But I need more than mere assertions.


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Bet you’re wondering about the Thursday open house tour

Well okay, probably not, but I did go out. Two nice houses but I so disagree with their aggressive pricing that I’ve decided to engage in restraint of tongue and pen. You may have noticed, I try hard to avoid dissing a new listing’s price. My opinion (and the seller’s, for that matter) is irrelevant – it’s what the market thinks. Now, if a house has sat around for a few months then I figure the market has spoken and then the asking price is fair game because by then I’m just pointing out the obvious.

I do break this self-imposed rule more often than I should, but today, mum’s the word. By the way, going over the open house  list, it astonished me to see how many listings were “must sell” houses with owners in deep trouble with their banks, and yet how high their prices still are. Owners still don’t get it.

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Marketing 101?

I was at the Riverside Shopping Center Starbucks today (they make a terrific iced tea/ lemonade, by the way) and noticed a sign in the window of the bakery next door advertising “The Knot best wedding cakes”. Heck, if I were a bride-to-be, I think I’d want to serve my guests the best, not the not-best. Maybe they sell at a discount?


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So who’s in charge around here?

I hear that the Greenwich building inspector was fired Monday after local developers complained that he was being a pain in the ass. I didn’t know the man and thus have no particular opinion on the matter but as a matter of policy, it strikes me as strange that a man can be fired for enforcing our regulations, and forced out by the complaints of developers.

On the other hand, I remain grateful to whoever was enforcing our code back in 1983 when I converted an open concrete porch into living quarters for my grandmother. To insulate the cold concrete I laid down 2X4 sleepers, placed styrofoam between them and then plywood on top. The inspector came by and noted that I was 2″ short on ceiling height. I explained why and he smiled: “well, we don’t want Granny to have cold feet, do we?”  I got the CO.


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