Daily Archives: July 23, 2010

I’m a schnook with an opinion and a blog, period.

Would some of you please relax? I promise you, I pretend to no more knowledge than anyone else, I look at what’s recently sold, make a judgement on new listings and post it. The only difference between me and your neighbor down the street is that I bother to post a blog and they don’t. I think rather highly of my  own opinion because  – well because – but for heaven’s sake, price your house where you want to and please – please!- ignore me. I’ll get around to you maybe three months from now, but it disturbs me to read comments that some people aren’t listing their houses on the MLS from fear that I’ll ridicule them. (Of course if you do fear that, then in your heart of hearts, you know that you’re being preposterous, but that’s another matter). Get a grip.


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