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Affordable housing battle ends

Ellen Hopkins Fountain

The town has settled a protracted legal skirmish with the state over our obligation to provide moderate income housing to deserving poor folks. Third Selectman Drew Marzulo is still unhappy but his political mentor, Frankie Fudrucker, is abandoning him on this issue. “My partner Fountain has figured out how to put a bunch of chicken-feather Indians at Tod’s,” Fudrucker told FWIW’s Scusie – “”they count as minorities and underprivileged and get this: they’ll have a casino up and running down there in six months. Drew can go screw himself”.

UPDATE: I wasn’t pushing my book, Chief, but between giving me grief on the art work etc,  what the hell.


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Willy Wonka corners the chocolate market?

Some Londoner has grabbed 7% of the chocolate market and his competitors are crying foul. Not being a huge chocolate fan, I’m more impressed by his business acumen and say, bully for him. Usually these attempts end badly (ask the Hunt brothers) but I kind of hope he pulls it off, eh Mortimer?


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This stuff is usually bunk, but have you checked on your parents?

Heat advisory, 104. Yeah, they hype this stuff to get attention, but I’ve got Ma’s living room a/c (she’s not a full house a/c type, if you know that generation) going full blast and she and Henry the Kat seem comfortable. Got a parent in town? Check in on him or her, is my advice – these people don’t complain. Henry does, but who listens to him?


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War and Remembrance

For a poor suffering soul who suffers with bouts of depression, I really shouldn’t be re-reading Herman Wouk’s War and Remembrance. But I’m almost done, and have to finish it. Wouk was an incredible writer and I’m forming an essay of tribute in my mind. Perhaps it will appear here – we’ll see. For now, I’ll just say that he tells a beautiful tale of America, and the horrible, hateful tale of Germany. We’re all refugees of some sort here – I have landed, French nobility in my heritage who were stripped of their property, fled to Holland and eventually made their way here, penniless to New Amsterdam, and became farmers, sailors,etc. Some got rich, some didn’t – but they lived.

My mother’s side probably included Austrian Jews – and some of them fought for the Confederacy while my Irish great-grandfather fought for the Union. Again, some got rich (her father, John Gilbert, was probably the best-paid movie star in America back in the 20’s.), but all had a great opportunity to achieve and succeed.

If I do rise from my funk and write an essay, it will be on how I think we have shut off that chance to ourselves and more importantly, to our children. But that’s for later – I want to finish the book. And despite my gloomy outlook, if you haven’t read this book, do so. It’s a great work.


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Should the tax collector go on staff? No.

Apparently the BET is pushing to eliminate  the tax collector’s position as an elected office and bring it under its arm. I did a lousy job of interviewing Peter Tesei this week  and a worse job of asking our tax collector any hard questions, but I absolutely agree with Peter: keep the job as an electable position, so there is accountability. If it disappears into the BET’s provenance, we’ll save no money (the next sob will probably get a pay raise). I look forward to voting against Mr. Laudonia next year. I don’t have that choice with the BET and its staff.


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I Love you, Walt.


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