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I’ve got some cousins, smart as the dickens, whose father was every bit as brilliant as his brother, my dad. The gene pool was obviously [deplenished]  depleted (thanks, Greg) when we all arrived in the 50’s, but still – not an entirely stupid group of kin. Yet we absolutely disagree about almost everything concerning politics. But what I learned from my Uncle , whom I adored and worshipped, was tolerance – while  I’m certain he thought I was a dolt, politically, I saw that he respected my father  as much as I did, even though they were political opposites.What I learned from observing their relationship over forty years was to respect and be open to opposing ideas. What a gift that was.

n.b. Greg – thinking about it, if you can replenish something, why can’t  you deplenish it? When cousin Henry, our French speaker, returns from covering the oil mess, I intend to ask him about it. If it’s not a word, it ought to be, but those French ….


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You can bet John Kerry’s pals won’t feel this pinch

Britain’s National Health Service plans draconian rationing, cuts. Paul Krugman was unavailable for comment.


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Taxes are for little people

HMS Ketchup

John Kerry, a U.S. Senator from Massachusetts has registered his $7 million yacht in Rhode Island, rather than his home state, to save $500,000 in sales taxes. I find that offensive – you may not.

UPDATE: bad link before, alerted to error by EOS. Connecticut has been on to this scam since at least 1978 but will Massachusetts go after its own Senator? My guess is no, but it should.Goddam fraud wants to impoverish the middle class while he sails away in his $7 million, tax-free yacht?  I’d  hang the son of a bitch from the yardarm, were it up to me.


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Don’t you guys have camps you can reopen to solve that problem?

German politician wants to tax fat people. (Sorry – just finished War and Remembrance)

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