Dark musings over the Greenwich real estate scene

I’ve been trying since April to put together a pretty big real estate deal and have been stymied by two real estate agents who I previously respected. My client’s offer was significantly higher than the deal these two had put together but I’ve gotten nowhere. There is one innocent explanation: the “buyer” and his financial backer truly believe they can build a 20,000 sq. ft. house on this land and make millions, and there’s my own cynical view: there is no way, in this market, that they expect that to happen, and the two agents involved are just keeping my client’s offer from the seller. I have been lied to, ignored, had promises of prompt replies never honored, etc. etc. I’m angry as hell on my client’s behalf but I’m really ticked that my client is so furious that he’s backing out on Monday and firing me as his buyer’s rep. As I reminded him, I never lock in a client and he’s free to fire me at anytime, but to lose a big sale and a client because of a sweetheart deal between two big-time agents screwing a seller and making me look like a monkey, I’m doing a slow burn. I intend to investigate this whole transaction and if I can prove what I suspect, I will name names here next week.


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6 responses to “Dark musings over the Greenwich real estate scene

  1. pulled up in OG

    Seems like the GAR is sadly in need of some sort of certified receipt system – ensuring that all offers have been submitted to the seller.

  2. Retired IB'er

    Against ethics to get offer directly to seller?

    • Yes it is, IB’r, though I tried getting lawyer to lawyer conversation and Monday, when the Probate Court opens (they’re closed on Fridays!) I intend to get the number of the executor and giving it to my client. Nothing wrong with that.

  3. just_looking

    You don’t need to relay the offer to the seller, you only need to know that the offer was presented to the seller.

  4. Cos Cobber

    This is very upsetting CF.

    Pulled-up has an excellent point. There should be a certified receipt system system within the MLS. I suggest that all ‘official’ offers should be on record in the MLS system open for all realtors to see. A registered offer would simplely have the buyer’s rep name, offer and if desired, basic terms.

    If you are dealing with an estate sale, cant you show up in probate court to foul up the estate settled?