I turned 57 yesterday, which means I have just 23 years to learn how to drive a race car

Sterling Moss at 80 being greeted on the race track


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14 responses to “I turned 57 yesterday, which means I have just 23 years to learn how to drive a race car

  1. noels are nice

    alix has been celebrating a book writer. not shy with the camera either. where is philip? fighting lawsuits. love these people. they have suffered.

  2. pulled up in OG

    A sterling Scandinavian, maybe, but a Stirling Moss.

  3. pulled up in OG

    . . . or was that one of your tricky euphanisms? : )

  4. Earth Ocean Sky

    Happy Birthday, a day late and a dollar short. Glad you are feeling better.

  5. Earth Ocean Sky

    Careful, that girl is someone’s daughter. You wouldn’t want some dirty old man like you talking about YOUR daughters that way, right?

  6. Earth Ocean Sky

    Okay, you got me there. The gipper wins one.

  7. Retired IB'er

    Alas being “just” a race car driver will not get you a kiss on the helmet.

    Sterling Moss is the greatest driver to race in Formula One and never win the Driver’s World Championship.

  8. Walt

    Dude Man –
    I hope you had a great birthday and I wish you many more. Seriously. And I hope your birthday gift looks like what Sterling got. I really do.

    But here is what I want to know. You pull the biggest disappearing act since Judge Crater, and here is what we get? “Sorry to have disappeared”

    Are you shitting me or what? At first I figured you probably went postal, with all the guns and anger management issues you have and all. But when I didn’t see it in the papers, I ruled that out.

    Then I figured all the self loathing meant you were in a paddded cell somewhere, running away from the guys with butterfly nets. That would have worked for me.

    Then I figured maybe it is just the shame of being a “professional” real estate agent, a lawyer, and a writer who can’t write. All rolled up into one!! The perfect storm of careers! The Bermuda Triangle of life decisions!!

    That would freak anyone out. I get that. But just lie. Tell folks you have a real job, an honest job. Like the guys who pick up roadkill on the Merritt Parkway. It will cheer you up!!

    Anways, glad you are back, and hope all is well.

    Now post something interesting, you load.
    Your Pal,

  9. just_looking

    It looks like that camera perspective is off about 90 degrees.

  10. Anonymous


  11. Walt

    Dude –
    Butch Patrick – aka Eddy Munster is 57 as well. And look what he is up to. It could be you and Ms. McBeal Dude. Just saying.

    Your Pal,