Congress recommends slap on the wrist for Rangel, not expulsion. What did Pelosi promise – “the most ethical, moral Congress ever?” “We’re going to drain the moral swamp”? Guess she forgot.


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  1. Anonymous

    Forgot? C’mon, CF. Did you ever truly believe that the Swamp Queen ever intended to drain her realm of its vital blood?

  2. Anonymous

    This is why we need term limits. The longer these guys are in there the more entitled they feel. Rangel’s lawyers are arguing that since other longtime legislators got away with the same sort of thing, so also should Rangle ( Their argument is the very reason why we need to kick these entrenched guys out.

    I’m sick of “career” legislators like Rangel and Dodd. That sort of thing has never ended well. Why continue to allow it? Let them serve a couple of terms and then they’re outta there. They can then either resume or find a real job.

    Term limits was a big deal a few years ago, but it seems to be a dead issue now. Why? Because our wonderful congressmen eviscerated it in their own interests. Let’s bring it back and really drain the swamp this time.

  3. Demmerkrat Patriot

    Maybe we should drain the “Swamp Queen” first …

  4. edgewater

    but the real source of the problem is the huge and growing role of the government. the fact that so much of our financial and social futures are controlled by the gov’t makes it more and more important that we influence that source of profit or pain. there’s no hope for ‘good government’ that is as big as ours. the role of gov’t [other than defense] should be to keep other non-government enterprises from behaving badly… e.g. airlines and credit card companies. but when the government IS the enterprise, there’s nowhere to go to prevent bad behavior. … except by lobbying our representative. Q.E.D.

  5. Georgie in Greenwich

    I agree with Anonymous….these people (including Maxine Waters who also is in the swamps) are in there too long….Power corrupts….term limits is the answer.

  6. Old School Grump

    Anonymous at 11:20, I always thought term limits were a good idea, but now that I live in a state with term-limited legislators, I see the downside quite clearly. For one thing, when they’re in their final term, they have exactly zero incentive to compromise, horse trade, etc. — the grease in the gears of democracy, as distasteful as it often is. Instead, they are free to be completely inflexible in pursuit of their pet cause, whatever it is, and it’s often something that has nothing to do with their constituents’ needs, let alone any “greater good.” Second–and scarier, at least to me–it means that the only players with any institutional memory are the bureaucrats and the lobbyists!

  7. Old Coot

    Where’s Last Liberal Standing on this? I’m guessing he must be waiting for his talking points from Kos.

  8. Cos Cobber

    I’m a big believer in term limits too. We need it for all legislative and executive positions at the state and federal level. absolute power corrupts absolutely.