This is what ticks me off about our new police force

Four kids arrested for pool-hopping at Innis Arden. For crimminy sake is there a suburban adult out there who didn’t pool hop in his youth? We were never caught but had we been, back then, we’d have been told to cut it out and sent home. Now, kids are arrested.

In Bridgeport, meanwhile, two firemen died walking into a burning building trying to save lives. My utmost respect goes to firemen, not over-paid Greenwich cops who face no more danger and no more stress than harassing teenagers trying to cool off on a hot summer night. My suggestion? Double our firemen’s pay and cut the cops’ salary in half. If the cops quit, we can replace them with prison guards, who’d be glad for the pay raise.


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10 responses to “This is what ticks me off about our new police force

  1. ajnock

    I agree. Poor judgement by the cops. and the Innis Arden manager needs to get a sense of humor. This town is way too uptight.

  2. Mike E

    Chris – with posts like this you aren’t winning any friends on the GPD. Aren’t you concerned about how you’ll be treated next time you need to interact with them?

  3. Pool hopping in my youth, in Greenwich? Guilty as sin.

    Never at Innis Arden, though.

    Once at Rocky Point Club. How’s that statute of limitations go again?

  4. Red

    A nice bunch of kids, who should not be outed in Police Blotter. The police could have let them off with a warning. Ridiculous.

  5. FedUp

    I realize it’s innocent fun, but I can’t say I blame the asst. pool manager. Four kids, a few minutes, no one is hurt — no big deal. If successful, the kids might mention it to a few friends, and then you have several kids pulling the same stunt. If property is damaged, the manager gets in trouble. But what if a teen is hurt, or worse? Then what? Chairs and fences can be easily replaced; an injured teen, less so. And who would be liable? The asst. pool manager? Innis? I imagine the parents would sue the club for negligence or some other infraction.

    People want privileges without accepting the accompanying responsibilities. We live in a litigious society — it’s a big risk, even for some (very likely) harmless fun. I don’t blame the manager — he probably wants to keep his job.

  6. burn down innis arden

    so many low lifes at the club. what a jerk manager. he has a record himself.

  7. pulled up in OG

    And if they don’t wanna get out of the pool . . .

  8. just_looking

    Yes, while believe that at this point in our evolution the majority of police officers are in it for themselves and chafe at the concept of “public servant” or “to serve and protect”. Just another data point that supports this thesis.

  9. dogwalker

    My first reaction was the same as most here . . . and my friend and I hit a couple of private pools in our day. But in our day parents didn’t run around suing over every little thing . . . and, if someone were hurt, like that Innis Arden did not do enough to make their pool inaccessible to outsiders.

    Still, I agree that a warning should have done it. Calling up the parents to come pick them up at the station would have done the trick. I know several of them, and it is not like we are dealing with hard core juvies. And certainly there was no reason to release their names to the paper(s).