Ugliest house in Shorelands?

That’s how a fellow realtor described this house to me. I think it’s beautiful, and by far the most interesting house in that neighborhood.


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22 responses to “Ugliest house in Shorelands?

  1. Red

    Looks like a big Pez dispenser to me. I enjoy non-traditional architecture, but I vote with your broker friend on this one.

    • Well, Red, it’s obviously a matter of personal taste, and I can see why someone wouldn’t like it, but I see 500 houses a year, all falling within maybe five basic styles, so to my eye, it’s refreshing.

  2. Anthony Fountain

    Proof positive we don’t agree on everything.

  3. Stump

    It’s hideous.

  4. Cobra

    I’d live there. Looks like fun.

  5. Priapus

    I agree with you Chris, I love a well constructed classic transitional gothic influenced contemporary Stern styled i.m. Pei family home. Perfect for the Hulk Hogan reality show.

  6. InfoDiva

    Can you reveal the street (if not the house number) for those of us from the other end of town who would like to do a drive-by?

    • InfoDiva, I think it’s Shorelands itself – just past the stone pillars, on the right. As you’ve noticed from the comments, there’s a split of opinion on the merits of the design but I stand by my opinion: if I see one more “Neo-shingle-Victorian”, I’m going to spit.

  7. So Greenwich

    like it. adds some variety to the big-box colonial or the shingle w/ side tower/side cupola that has been standard issue in old greenwich of late.

  8. Anonymous


  9. edgewater

    the issue for me is one of architects ‘making a statement’ that has zero function value. turrets made sense in the 14 – 16th centuries. balconies make sense if you can step onto them; tiny balconies make none. cathedral ceilings made sense before a/c; now, they’re a negative except in, well, cathedrals. etc.

  10. Anonymous


    you need to take a stroll down Rocky Point Rd and then offer your opinion on the new construction that overlooks the club. Perhaps you can have a contest among your followers to see who can correctly describe the architectural style of this beauty.

  11. kidding really?

    You thought that Cos Cob house (a while back) that looked like it was right out of the Soprano’s was great too. I’d hate to see what you don’t like.

    Do you want more of these in Greenwich? God I hope not as most of us don’t want this “architecture” as neighbors

  12. Georgie in Greenwich

    It looks like an interesting combo of Craftsman Hampton beachy and …kind of appropriate for the location….wouldn’t want it in central Greenwich. I do agree that it will be a non conventional Greenwich buyer—like a young, hip couple from NYC.

  13. I was so enamored of Victorian houses until I saw a Craftsman out here on the West coast. I’m surprised there aren’t more neo Craftsmans in Greenwich.

  14. Old Coot

    The sight of that monstrosity would be enough to gag a maggot.

  15. pulled up in OG

    What’s up there? Home office/mini trading floor a la Swiss Bank?

  16. cowboy up

    Hideous indeed. I wouldn’t even submit this to the folks at Lego for approval.

  17. local stone

    totally beach chic! a great addition to the neighborhood which is challenged with small, odd lots and dated houses. glad someone had the vision to do somehing fresh and cool here.

  18. anonymous

    I was told the house was designed to look like a cruise ship. Drove by to take a look – odd and obnoxious how it faces the neighbors driveway. wouldn’t want that as the neighbor or the owner!